Warren Buffett is something of a pathological investing liar.

He portrays himself and his firm as products of folksy, Omaha, sage investing that gets rich the slow, ethical and old fashioned way...

He claims $BRK-A advisers operate on a '50 year' window and select investments as if 'this the only stock/equity you/family will ever own...'

Well, I see no evidence for Berkshire holding $IBM fifty years.

His $UBER deal fell through, but not over ethical (sex/gender abuse) concerns.

He earnestly criticizes hedge funds, but essentially invented the model.

His/Gates'/Munger's public criticism has been instrumentally undermining the price of crypto currency and fintech recently. Are they short via futures/derivatives?


Isn't it time that financial media fades Buffett's brand of rich, old, hegemonic windbag to philanthropic obscurity - not current investor lore?