The Dogshit Tragedy of Helena Montana

Why do people let their giant dogs shit a fine public space like Helena’s Le Grand Cannon trail into ruin?
Why must I suffer nausea just passing through it to higher, less defiled, trails?
Elinor Ostrom says it isn’t always this way with shared (public) ground – that a productive “commons” is possible.  But I don’t think I can believe it any more…

I worry that Montana/America’s decline is too complete.  Its education too flawed.  I suspect that meaningful “cooperation” leading to improved life quality is no longer possible.

From my vantage, the war is over.  Society lost!  And Ronald Reagan’s Ayn Rand / Wall Street inspired “the rich must inherit the earth” gospel of unregulated individualism, greed and insanity has won!

As such, Montana/America can no longer afford civility.  Civility is the privilege of a society that functions well for the majority.  This is no longer true in Montana/America.

That is why I am planning to flee from social decline for the remainder of my life; to leave Helena and my beloved Montana (if I can sell-out or rent my property out) for another place/country.  Not every place could be this uncivil, this (perpetually Red State voting) poor, this mis-educated and nausea inducing -- could it?