Stiff the Chinese! Yeah… That’ll fix it!

Does anyone in this country ever just stop and try to somehow validate Uncle Ronnie's system of ever-larger numbers?

I must admit that I do...

So, now, the latest "plan" under the "system" -- is to stiff the Chinese for about half (via yuan/remnibi appreciation) of what we owe them ($2.4 TRILLION).

I mean, how fucking SICK is that?!  Well, anyway, I think it's sick.  And frankly I hope it fails -- even if it means WW3 -- even if it means USA loses WW3!

After all, the Chinese lent and USA borrowed.

After all, didn’t all those compliant Chinese junk makers earning $0.50/hour essentially fuck USA fair and square?  Don’t they call that “capitalism” on Wall Street (at least when it works;  when it fails I believe they call it “too big to fail”)!

So we can’t just very well pay China half what we owe?  Can we?  Didn’t U.S. firms mostly put up all those factories?  Isn’t that how/why Wall Street made so very much for so very few over the last decade?

At any rate, this seems yet another reason for emigrating from USA, for trying to get out of the way of its cheating, hypocrite schemes, for watching the inevitable collapse (maybe war) from hopefully another shore if possible...