Open Letter to NY Times and Jodi Kantor

Dear Ms. Kantor,

I cannot hold this.  But I cannot comment on your (Elizabeth Warren) article – online comments are now closed.  I am literally beside myself...

Please, Ms. Kantor, I implore you, please do all that you can to help America understand that Elizabeth Warren should be the next POTUS.

This collapse (and concomitant "Socialism for the rich; capitalism for everyone else" robbery) CRIES OUT for a new (more humane gender) FDR!  For a HEALER for these sick and troubled times!

Surely it is within the capacity of the NY Times to garner some small (but meaningful) role in helping this sick, corrupted and utterly disheartened nation understand its basic needs -- for redemption, for trust, for matriarchal love (less greed) -- for renewed confidence in this (perhaps one day) open, democratic "system" and its all-too-human leaders -- again.

Thank you.
Todd Ryder