The tail end of Professor Alperovitz' discussion snippet is stimulating.  The idea of restructuring Social Security and Medicare as sacrosanct, not-for-profit corporations (Montana has a similar program with it's Coal Trust Fund) is at least thoughtful.

But the rapid collapse since 2007 has convinced millions that "the law of large numbers" applies.  Which is to say, that American federalized government no longer scales well enough to meaningfully or efficiently address human plagues like ignorance, poverty, aging or disease;  that our too big government is no longer capable of wiping out polio, undermining terrorism or sending men to the moon.  It’s corruption is endemic.  Its reality is hopeless and meaningless to citizens’ lives, especially those under fifty, few of whom bother to vote (even the 2008, youth election of President Barack Obama, saw age 18-50 participation averaging below 50%).

No.  Large, collective federalized government achievements are behind this nation, now, and arguably forever.

Today, the United States Federal government is little more than a "dole" machine--dribbling out debt-financed trinkets and baubles (in exchange for votes)  to mass media mis-educated present and former wage-slaves mesmerized by shiny (consumer) objects.

And you can't fix that reality by remaking government's largest non-discretionary (entitlement) programs into stand-alone corporations.  If we tried, we'd simply add to an already too long list of amoral, extractive, meta corporations--run by elites, for elites.

No.  These dinosaur meta programs and corporations must go extinct.  At this stage of advanced sclerotic decline, America must by necessity afford only theories and practices of elemental, Constitutional, Federal government, in turn enhanced by scalable and democratically responsible State and local institutions, industries and commerce.  In short, Jeffersonian Federalism works!   And capitalism for everyman can be rebooted.  But FDR's "federalized" meta government in the end has failed this country and must, in the nation’s best interests, be dismantled as quickly, practically and humanely as possible.