Existence: 1.12.2012

I can at least (barely) rationalize my existence by not reproducing.

In  my opinion, any breeder holds no claim to the validity of their light cone vector in this universe.  So... at least I retain that honor, such as I am.

Be advised that I have concluded recently that the worst thing that can happen to someone is to (finally) acquire a little money, which (sort of and temporarily) removes the panic of enduring an entire, pointless lifetime of wage slavery, only to subsequently introduce the panic of living in a sham world (not ShamWow! but sham-world).

This hopeless, panic-state occurs when you realize you’d have to be a billionaire to experience any real sense of  "freedom" on this planet, under its present (increasingly broken) system of socio-political and economic organization.  (Now, arguably $5-20M might work; But take it from me, $1M--even with little/no debt--gets you not even close at my age—just anticipating future medical expenses…).

So I am forced to conclude that: perpetual economic inflation (the law of ever larger numbers) coupled with wage-slavery is brutal trade and still worse occupation.  And unless one can afford to hire other slaves, then most (statistically all) of us are just stuck in this--until death.  (Birth.  School.  Work.  Death.)

Have you ever imagined retiring?  Maybe retiring early?  Like me, maybe you have?  Well think again!

I am almost (2/18/2012) fifty years old--and would seriously considering killing myself--but then others might get more--and that would just be stupid, now wouldn't it?! 

So… Keep pretending.  Keep voting.  Keep dreaming.  Happy Thursday!  1.12.2012