The Gospel of Collapse

Let’s face TRUTH.  Our economy has devolved to little more than a Ponzi scheme for the benefit of the One Percent! 

This reality is unsustainable.

All you need do is read to know that:

  • If the economy could (somehow, magically) grow fast again, interest rates would necessarily rise, because asset inflation would undoubtedly soar from increasing demand.

    • But middle income wages haven’t risen much in nearly 30 years, stagnating around $35K per household.

    • And when rates rise substantially, high risk assets on the Fed’s balance sheet collapse in value and the Fed becomes insolvent, absent printing Trillions more unsterilized currency—ever more re-liquefaction, rendering the fiat dollars in every consumer’s pocket (or bank account-- if he/she should be so lucky as to even harbor savings today—like me) worthless.

  • Whereas, if the economy continues to stagnate (as now--see Japan) the Fed will also continue printing unsterilized money and taking on ever larger balance sheet risk in the name of taxpayers (BIRTH!  SCHOOL!  WORK!  DEATH!) to try and force the economy to grow.

God, let this insanity end!  Yes, the ONE PERCENT rigged economy will mostly collapse.  Millions will lose jobs.  Government spending and bloat get sliced to ribbons.  The "Safety Net" disappears…

But you and I might still be here--to rebuild our lives and an economy that is NOT FAKE.  Where we are NO LONGER THE SLAVES OF THE DECADENT ONE PERCENT!  It will be (for a time at least) like North Korea, only our "Great Leaders" will all be gone or discredited—and we'll all finally get a fair and equal chance at being human!