Tuesday, December 20, 2005

King Midas in Reverse

Half a TRILLION U.S. dollars.
2158 American soldiers dead.
16,061 more wounded.
7068 wounded so badly the cannot return to duty.  Maimed for life.  Ruined.

And for what?  For another Iran!  That's right, Iraq is now Iran II, the Sequel. News from the recent voting is leaking and the word is that Islamic Fundamentalism is winning -- and winning BIG!

Well, at least now we officially know that the vast majority of Iraqi voters think no more of George Bush than do fully 56% of the U.S. population.

Despite the propaganda, despite toppling Hussein, Iraqis have figured out on their own that George Bush never so much as touched anything that didn't immediately turn to SHIT.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...  EVIL BEGETS EVIL!

Get out of Iraq. Get out now. This very second. And then put Bush, Cheney and the Republican Congress in jail where they belong.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Your tax dollars at work...

The guy that built and runs nowthatsfuckedup.com lets soldiers post "gore" photos for free access (to porn, etc.).

Now he's up on pornography charges in Florida. The porn is tame, but the "gore" (like flag draped coffins) is a little too much for the neocons, at least in Florida, where they have a pretty good winning percentage this decade.

It's gory stuff all right, and the last thing THEY want is something like this on the evening news. So this "pornographer" has to be stopped. But that's too bad, because I found the picture of the little boy with a hole where his face used to be very compelling.

JUST BLOW ME UP NOW! Because my taxes support this shit, and I deserve it. We ALL deserve it. Justice is one thing. Bringing criminals (bin Laden) to justice is one thing. A society without rule of law is not a society. Murder is wrong and murderers must be punished.

But the never ending (after the same period of time from D-Day, U.S. soldiers were on the outskirts of Berlin) Iraq "war" is simply a crime against the human race. Moreso a "crime" than simply being a citizen of a nation consuming 1/3 of the world's resources while comprising 1/20th of its population...

Just like Viet Nam (2 million Vietnamese killed), once again, WE are the Nazis. And that is why no good has nor ever will come of it. Nothing good should ever come from pure evil. You cannot turn evil into good.

But you can stop perpetrating evil.

Stop this evil war now! Today. This second.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Surviving U.S. Decline...

Seem these days that parading around the world stepping on everyone's else's throat, shoving guns in their mouths, and telling them to "wake up and smell the McNuggets..." just isn't working very well any more...

Perhaps it's because instant information (AKA the Internet) makes the whole corrupt Syriana game a little too transparent and obvious.

Well, Well, Well, maybe there is a little justice in this universe.

Meanwhile, it makes sense to speculate how to economically survive the fall of the Great War Pig United States of America.

Not possible, probably, but one at least tries.