Saturday, November 24, 2007

Science Fiction

I don't read Science Fiction or watch its films much any more.

I now see that Orwell was right.  There is no shining technological future -- only a Fascist dystopia where equality is when three corporations control production instead of just one.  The State, The Corporation, Washington and Wall Street -- it's all the same to Big Brother -- keep believing; keep consuming; don't pay much attention otherwise.

But my problem is that when I was a kid The Jetsons, Jonny Quest, Arthur C. Clarke and John Kennedy said I'd be soaring in space ships powered by gravity drives by now.

Unfortunately, Exxon-Mobil, GM, Toyota, et al. envision harnessing the internal combustion engine for another century or so: a cannon (cylinder), a projectile (piston), and a lubricated crankshaft to repeat the explosion without tearing the machine apart -- not especially sophisticated technology.  And we still can't recycle the waste economically.

So a sustainable human future remains Science Fiction -- i.e. virtual, flickering like the latest fad -- "green" advertising for the same old planet destroying stuff -- across my plasma screen.  This latest surge to convince me to buy a car that represents not much improvement over the truck I drive today -- that my Grandfather purchased in 1960 -- reminds me of the final, beautiful vignettes played in euthanasia facilities in the 1973 film Soylent Green.  Believe me, I wish there was "nothing but blue skies" coming out of those smokestacks.  Unfortunately I am burdened by the knowledge that imagination and reality are not synonymous; that there is dichotomy between nothingness and being.

But it seems as long as there remains some surviving bit of Nature to distill and to burn, that prevailing economic forces will perpetuate the status quo.  One reason seems to be that accepted supply-side economic theory, espoused by Keynes and later Friedman, is based on what I call Easter Island syndrome: as long as there is one tree standing that can be cut down, wealth remains to be created.  Obviously this view is insane.  But insanity rules the day.

So why imagine a future?  Future, like imagination, is unborn -- and it's arguable that we already outnumber both.  Dream abortion is my answer.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


You win GRIZ!

Take a victory lap around the trailer park in your $45K diesel pickup with your $43K loan at 10.1%.  Just make sure the payment isn’t late – Hillary isn’t about to let you put our bond funds at risk.  And your titles won’t trade highly in debtors’ prison.

There are games and then there are games.  And at the end of the day I may be smart enough to be unhappy, and to feel only hatred because of it, but you will always be the guy with UofM Grizzly tail lights on a pickup that you’ll never, ever live to own.  Jeffrey Dahmer could drill a hole in my brain then pee in that hole and I would still know when I’ve been had!  And that is more than I can say for you: Grizzly; Believer; Breeder; American!

So Best Wishes, George Bush, YOU are the Champion of the World!

Long live the Champ!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hillary INC.

Hillary is so smooth that I've slipped and fallen in blind, drunken acquiescence to inevitability.

Hillary is the corporate advertising that makes Fascism better than Free Will.

Hillary is the hydrogenated, corn syrup, bleached white flour paste the Devil spoon fed me for breakfast.

Hillary is the poster child for the Radio Head lyric ambition makes you look pretty ugly!

But I am out of ideas now and beside myself with drink and hate.  Thus I can merely recite the lyric of the greatest pop song in human history.

God save the queen.  Her fascist regime...
It made you a moron.  Potential H bomb.
God save the queen.  She ain't no human being!
And there is no future in England's dreaming.
Don't be told what you want.  Don't be told what you need.
There's no future.  No future.  No future for you!
God save the queen.  We mean it man (God save window leen).
We love our queen God saves (God save... human beings).

God save the queen, because tourists have money!
And our figurehead is not what she seems.
God save history.  God save the masquerade.
Oh lord God have mercy.  All crimes are paid.
When there's no future, how can there be sin.
We're the flowers in the dustbin.
We're the poison in your human machine.
We're the future -- your future!
God save the queen.  We mean it man.
There is no future in England's dreaming.
No future for you.  No future for me.


The Sewer

George Bush makes the Devil look clean.

George Bush is the most vile, putrid, pile of puke that has ever congealed in the White House.

George Bush makes me want to gut people out on the side of the highway.  To cut people up and pee on them as they lay drowning in their own blood, like a Blackwater Stallion!

George Bush is evil incarnate.  In the way that the evil is incarnate.  In the way that America is an evil, rotting empire that would kill anyone, any time, anywhere to preserve its Fascist ideals of hegemony, Capitalist exploitation and eternal consumption.

George Bush is The Sewer and The Sewer is America.  And only a dead, jaundiced, Alzheimer's diseased country like America could elect George Bush twice.

For this crime there can never be forgiveness.

God Damn America!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's not clever if it looks clever...

Today's title is a quote from George Will on This Week.  And though he was using it to describe Hillary Clinton's double-speak during the most recent Democratic party debate, it strikes me as an apt summation of the neocon agenda -- that it has proven so very not clever.

For example, even if one could somehow imagine democratic passage of the Iraq Oil Law -- essentially granting 30 year ownership of Iraq oil fields to multinational corporations -- a fraud that blatant guarantees a backlash resulting in ever higher oil prices -- even if Iraqis are so exhausted by civil war as to choose oil protectorate status under perpetual U.S. occupation.

As usual, the only benefactors of such preposterous schemes are the friends of Bush and Cheney.  And though the neocon agenda is cloaked in a veneer of bumper sticker slogans like "death tax", "fair tax " and "production sharing agreement" (PSA), an unprecedented 75 percent of Americans recently polled want a new direction in U.S. policy.

If nothing else, it's a simple pocket book issue.  Oil traded under $40/barrel when the Supreme Court voted and gave Bush the Presidency in 2001.  Today it trades at $96.  These charts illustrate that Bush's popularity is inversely correlated with the price of gasoline in the U.S. 

Finally, prices for publicly traded shares of alternative energy companies have skyrocketed this year -- an indication that investors believe that governments as well as consumers may be poised for a green revolution.

So even if John Mclaughlin can muster an argument that the Iraq War debacle could somehow morph into brilliant U.S. economic policy on the part of Bush-Cheney and a 30 year supply of $1 gasoline, his panel's response was obvious and predictable -- laughter.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On Government and Democracy...

Democracy versus corporations... hmm ... seems obvious to me it's time to choose more balance.  In 1960 the ratio of CEO to average employee pay was 24:1.  In 2005 it was 262:1.  Today it is even higher.

In short, government without Democracy is Fascism.

But Democracy without government is anarchy.

And the goal, it seems to me, is to strike a balance that most (ideally all) of us (and our planet) can sustain...  And it seems obvious that today no such balance exists.