Friday, July 30, 2010

I, Revolution

On the surface, Piggy's Intifada appears complete.

Despite a near total collapse of the international monetary system less than two years ago, multi-national, multi-billion Q2 corporate profits resurge on sales to “developing” nations.  Goldman Sachs in celebration.

President Logo is giving a speech.  He is thin, ethnic and physically beautiful -- an amalgam for an amalgamated nation.  But even physical beauty cannot mask total commitment to The Will To Power.

Congress was in full session earlier today, doing its Constitutional duty – robbing the poor to make the rich richer.

Inside Arizona communities built from plastic and Styrofoam, and seated in “scooter chairs,” unhappily “retired” boomers scream at their televisions with all the rage their pendulous waistlines can muster.  The rambling soliloquies blame "alien invaders" to “their country” where today fully one in twenty are employed without residency papers.  But it’s an invasion their tax dollars, diseased consumption patterns and corporatist voting records subsidized for more than a quarter century.  And now they can no longer contain the fear.  For apartheid is no longer “Whites Only”  but rather “Wealthy Only.”   Tomorrow they will be suspending tea bags from the rims of cowboy hats made in China and strapping on weapons.

But somewhere, vibrating like a saxophone in the hands of Charlie Parker, a keyboard burns with the passion of its genius “weirdo” commander’s latest manifesto.

Somewhere, perhaps in Detroit, a batch of genetically unmodified seeds is germinating in the dirt of urban renewal under a non-profit, co-op wind power generator.

Somewhere in Montana, a corrupt lying millionaire real estate developer politician’s smoke and mirrors  “listening” tour has garnered few takers.

The year is 2010.  In a nation once proudly proclaimed “America,” but now a “For Lease” strip mall shadow of its former self, a million writers foment deep proletariat discontent through reality-based blogs while as many as 60 million millennials both imagine and adapt to Life After Collapse.

Welcome to the New Normal.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Come on little gamma ray…

Peasants have been suffering in one way or another in a world of fear for 10K years.

I too am a peasant, but one not stupid/deluded enough to create another unhappy, exploitable copy of myself. And if I somehow accidentally did, would (I hope) never be stupid enough to fantasize that somehow the future (magically) works out for it.

In other words, until we STOP paying attention and start thinking (and acting) for ourselves, the Glenn Becks (Ronald Reagans and Barack Obamas) of the world remain cultural deities and we remain serfs dutifully insuring their power over us under an inherently corrupt hierarchy we politely oblige.  In short, they clearly at this point underestimate us, but that’s no excuse for our overestimating them.

Thus, the only solution to stopping Glenn Beck (status quo) is arguably intelligent anarchism.  For example, (unpalatable but)  imagine a world where every Glenn Beck hater simultaneously self immolated.  The "system" presided over by Fox News et al (for want of fixers and sufferers and exploitees) would soon collapse and there would be no more Glenn Becks.   Absent that, let's all raise a toast to masturbating in the wind!  Hear Hear!

As Beck (Hansen) sings (just now spooled across the iTunes DJ playlist) "Come on little gamma ray..."

That (lyrical intention) remains my prayer for today: Come on, Mr. Sun, please explode this instant and clean up the one (as far as we know) tumor of delusion in an otherwise perfect (perfectly indifferent) universe.  Even Don Draper knows the truth – and he’s not even real.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mid-life Crisis – as facebook message

I've been pretty lucky.   Married well.  90s tech boom helped.  Real estate too.  No children = $$ in the bank.

Which brings me to the RAGE -- it arises against all forms of hypocrisy.  If you knew me then but don't remember, I was an introspective (depressed?) kid in High School -- a doper (mostly marijuana) that listened to a lot of "punk" rock -- Elvis Costello, The Clash, Richard Hell (I implore you to read the lyrics to Blank Generation), etc.   As a reasonably creative person, I worship art that is simultaneously: intellectual and/or edgy/disturbing (cuts both ways) and/or ultimately idealistic/classic.

In the 80s I went to college late and became a Reagan Republican. I "drank the Kool Aid."  I was always (German, Calvinist) "fiscally conservative" anyway.  And, again, Reagan’s "rich get richer" "trickle-down" bullshit actually, sort of, worked for me.  I “succeeded” -- certainly more than I'd ever imagined as a kid.

Then one day, in the third year of the first Bush2 term, I took a fresh look around my town (after moving back to MT/Helena) and realized it wasn't working for most -- and really not even for me... Yes, I was a "millionaire" – but in a world where only "billionaires" mattered.  "They" had raised the bar again!  And I realized, for work-a-day people (on CNBC they call us "consumers"), by design, there is no winning!  Not really.  Statistically, winning under this system exhibits roughly the same probability as being struck by lightning (I'm exaggerating, but it's an appropriate analogy).  And we can't all be struck by lightning now can we?  So why support a Reagan-inspired  socio-economic system that only rewards lightning strikes -- and worse – perpetually rewards the heirs of those struck literally centuries ago?

So now (middle age, I hope) I'm a Marxist/anarchist/populist punk, again.  And I vow never to go back to being an “I’ve got mine; Go fuck yourself!” Reagan/Bush/Cheney Republican again.

Conversely, if you've never seen the movie "Five Easy Pieces," I highly recommend it.  Allegorically, that angry-young-man perspective alternates as thesis/antithesis in my life.  In other words, LIFE is very, very complicated...  But I don't want to always be that guy – giving up on everything – distrusting and attacking every commonly accepted social value (as I sometimes do).

Jesus wanted  a better, fairer world.  And in theory, sentient beings should be able to escape Darwin’s Petri dish Natural Selection, Nietzsche's Will To Power and Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand -- even if doing so doesn’t reward Calvinists like me (as a son of my father).  In other words, the human race should somehow equate to more than jobs, money and consumption!  That and there exists today an obvious imperative to realign the system around physical/resource reality.  In short, it’s too easy to get lost (billions of un/under-employed), stranded (me) by success or consumed (Earth) by market-based capitalism.  Surely we can fix , or at least improve upon, it?  Surely there exists a hybrid (top-down; bottom-up) strategy redounding to greater shared opportunity that reaches beyond property/capital hegemony  (e.g. global commons).

Psychiatry states that "male outlook" mostly improves around age 50 – and even a lifelong cynic occasionally hopes…