I, Revolution

On the surface, Piggy's Intifada appears complete.

Despite a near total collapse of the international monetary system less than two years ago, multi-national, multi-billion Q2 corporate profits resurge on sales to “developing” nations.  Goldman Sachs in celebration.

President Logo is giving a speech.  He is thin, ethnic and physically beautiful -- an amalgam for an amalgamated nation.  But even physical beauty cannot mask total commitment to The Will To Power.

Congress was in full session earlier today, doing its Constitutional duty – robbing the poor to make the rich richer.

Inside Arizona communities built from plastic and Styrofoam, and seated in “scooter chairs,” unhappily “retired” boomers scream at their televisions with all the rage their pendulous waistlines can muster.  The rambling soliloquies blame "alien invaders" to “their country” where today fully one in twenty are employed without residency papers.  But it’s an invasion their tax dollars, diseased consumption patterns and corporatist voting records subsidized for more than a quarter century.  And now they can no longer contain the fear.  For apartheid is no longer “Whites Only”  but rather “Wealthy Only.”   Tomorrow they will be suspending tea bags from the rims of cowboy hats made in China and strapping on weapons.

But somewhere, vibrating like a saxophone in the hands of Charlie Parker, a keyboard burns with the passion of its genius “weirdo” commander’s latest manifesto.

Somewhere, perhaps in Detroit, a batch of genetically unmodified seeds is germinating in the dirt of urban renewal under a non-profit, co-op wind power generator.

Somewhere in Montana, a corrupt lying millionaire real estate developer politician’s smoke and mirrors  “listening” tour has garnered few takers.

The year is 2010.  In a nation once proudly proclaimed “America,” but now a “For Lease” strip mall shadow of its former self, a million writers foment deep proletariat discontent through reality-based blogs while as many as 60 million millennials both imagine and adapt to Life After Collapse.

Welcome to the New Normal.