Saturday, September 22, 2012

The FORTY-Seven Percent Solution?

Apparently, America has suddenly realized what “rich” people really think of it…

Alas, Uncle Ronnie, your lies are finally exposed!  That ours is a nation of morons and hypocrites – and after all these years, most of us aren’t even sure which we’re best at.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

QE Infinity

I still like XLV but everywhere else if the spreads simply hold, from here, I’m fine with 2012 – no overall losses and should easily pass all time principal peak ($610-620K) by 1/1/2013.

If I ever get to $1M investable, can I then finally accept that all my (capitalism) problems are over?  From a self-insurance standpoint my wife and I could then (in theory) pay cash for anything anyone in our class would ever want/need?  That’s where (libertarian/anarchist/capitalist) I’m almost a Romney/Ryan type, except I say: “Let the liberals have their safety net.”   And I’ll always do what I can to pay for it.  But I never intend to ever need it for me/mine.  Safety nets are not the point of capitalism/modernity for some people.  Ben Bernanke knows that.  That’s why he pumps money into our (investment not consumption) side of the economy.  The more I accept that, the more logical QE Infinity becomes...  It’s like a reward for being abnormally productive and encouragement to be even more so.

Too many people coming to the house this summer asking for work.  Bernanke needed to do something, given new China/Europe slowing data…