Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oil and Death: Stuck in the 20th Century

Links and observations illustrating how the history of corruption underlying the hydrocarbon economy is restricting human progress.

Money Does Not Equal Progress

Prices and profits are up.
Wages are down.
The ice caps are melting.
The free market isn’t working and isn’t free.

  • Hydrocarbon alternatives are stifled due to unfair competition through subsidies and the lack of a carbon tax which ignores the negatives from burning hydrocarbons.

  • Exorbitant U.S. defense spending is needed, in part, just to protect oil shipments.

  • The $100 Trillion potential of diminishing reserves has skewed the market economics and corrupted governments responsible for its regulation.

Oil, Religion and Politics – the Poison Soup of the Middle East

Two thirds of proven world oil reserves are under the control of OPEC.  Six of eleven OPEC nations reside in the Middle East. Four of their names read like a terrorism past/present hit parade: Iran, Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia.  Middle East conflict is rooted in the formation of Israel but it is financed by oil-producing nations and manipulated if not perpetuated by First World oil-consuming nations like the U.S. and those of Europe.

Middle East conflict has both Colonial and Cold War roots.

The honest mistake that is Israel:

Iran, Iraq and Syria versus the U.S. and Israel:

Saudi Arabia and al Qaeda:

The Insanity of Globalization without Conscience, Mindless Consumption and Hotrod Morality

The history of the automobile is the history of consumerism in the U.S.  One need only watch today’s car and oil company commercials to understand that these corporations are not merely selling cars and fuel.  They are selling desire and consumption!  “When does a car become something more than a car?” goes one ad.  NEVER!  I find this advertising so offensive, in light of the environmental degradation, terrorism and war accompanying the hydrocarbon age, that I was compelled to poetry, writing new lyrics to Woodie Guthrie’s Riding In My Car (Car Song) which Nissan uses to pitch it’s Z-car.

If a definition for insanity is repeating the same failures over and over while expecting different results, then the hydrocarbon economy is by definition insane.  It seems obvious that global trade cannot work if your trading partners – i.e. those with whom you practice mutual enrichment through trade – hate you and vow to ultimately defeat and kill you.  But this is much the case in the hydrocarbon economy where oil consuming nations finance others espousing their destruction and every $1 increase in the per-barrel price of oil flows an additional $10 Billion to OPEC.

As long as ours is a world of sovereign nations, there is no national argument for enriching sworn U.S. enemies.  Who funds Hezbollah?  Iran.  What funds Iran? Oil.    Continuing enrichment of the Middle East with its absence of peace and open refusal to mutually coexist is simply insane.  Eventually history will denounce the short-sighted, conscienceless, laissez faire economics of Milton Friedman in favor of the comprehensive, moral and balanced ideals of John Kenneth Galbraith.  But by then it may very well be too late.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The American Retard

Too bad we can't elect Shrub a third time. Because believe me, the American Retard would do it.

The American Retard hates abortion and gathers its sperm and ova in plastic sacks which it exchanges at Fund Raisers and ecumenical bake sales so as to prevent the murder of incipient human life.

The American Retard will vote for any life form, no matter how backward, that even so much as farts in the direction of Planned Parenthood.

And the American Retard is quite obviously running this planet!

The Unsinkable Titanic

I watched Titanic this morning. And it reminded me of America...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's Ayn Rand versus Spider Man...

Saw that (title) phrase on dailykos and had to admit it's the best (and certainly most succinct) analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian, Christian-Muslim, Right-Left conflict I have ever seen.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Welcome to the 3rd World America

First the corporations went offshore (for cheaper workers)
Now the best schools are going offshore (for fat endowments)

At this pace, here is my harrowing vision of the future: China and India become the U.S. But the U.S. becomes Latin America.

Welcome to the 3rd World!

And as long as you borrow and consume, you can't stop them.

And that's why I believe the answer to this loss/theft/transfer of the U.S. middle class -- is a United States workers' strike against consumption. I know it sounds insane. So much so that a friend said, "These people won't get up off the couch to vote! Now you're telling them to give up their snowmobiles." (We live in Montana.)

At this point withholding consumption is the only collective bargaining tool the American worker, his family, and his children have left. The U.S. economy is 2/3 consumption. If workers and their familes would merely withhold non-essential consumption, we might still be able to take back this country from the corporations -- before it's gone for all but its very richest citizens.

Today, our most profitable corporations, elite schools, and private capital are financing their side of this transfer with profits from our current-day, mostly debt-driven consumption. But the American consumer is tapped and corporations and the wealthy elite's only hope for continued excessive profit is to "develop" foreign markets. Did your income increase 23% last year. Mine didn't. Theirs did.

And the development of China and India is not so much development as it is a transfer:

First they profited as we buried ourselves in debt and trade deficits, chasing the American Dream: Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210, Madison Avenue, etc., etc., etc.

Then they transferred production outside the U.S.; cut and stagnated U.S. workers' wages; and broke our (collective bargaining power) unions.

Now the elites of our country are tranferring our educational system overseas, replacing the U.S. middle class with a new one -- there.

And why do we let them get away with it? Because our leaders (e.g. Shrub) wrap themselves in the Flag, convincing one half of the U.S. voting population that the other half is sick and diseased, simply because it believes in human, consumer, gay, and reproductive rights!

But there remains hope. Today, these foreign markets aren't large enough to sustain this assett transfer. But in five or ten years they likely will be. And then it will be too late.

The answer is regulation. The answer is responsive (to the people) and responsible "social" democracy.

Socialism is not synonymous with poverty. It's a lie that elitists, social-darwinist, neocons and corporations want you to believe -- as they sell your future.

Is Europe poor? Do your research. Is Germany off-shoring it's production facilities and universities? What about Canada? Austria? Britain? Denmark? Finland?
Which country would you rather be in ten years: Germany or Ecuador? Canada or Mexico?

I see only two choices:

1. Unite, resist and reform corporations and the extreme wealthy through tax law and moral sanction. In other words, take back America from George Bush and his true "base" -- the monied aristocracy.


2. Watch corporations and the elite sell your children's future to the Chinese, while your discretionary consumption finances the transfer.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ken Lay Finally Vindicated -- By Jesus

In a surprising one-man rapture, Ken Lay was recently taken up to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

But he has recently broadcast a closed-circuit interview directly to the otherwise empty skulls of Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed, which they kindly consented to share with those of us comprising The Real World.

During his interview Lay reiterated his innocence of all complicity stemming from the fraud and travesty that was "the crooked E" and that his massive heart attack was in no way caused by stress regarding his 20+ year conviction on numerous felony counts or his prospects for a triumphant and victorious outcome concerning his legal appeals.

Said Lay, "... Adolf, Joe [Stalin], Ted [Bundy] and myself are having a wonderful time awaiting the arrival of Tom Delay as well as chicken-hawks George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld et. al. so we can party, party, party -- finally without having to pay to have the public record expunged later. You know, we have a saying up here: There ain't no JUSTICE in Heaven, boy -- just GRACE. And she's got a tight one."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Roots of America's Decline

The purpose of today's 4th of July treatise is to reflect upon major social, political and economic ideas and forces that have predicated America's decline -- i.e. those ideas or forces that have rendered the children and grandchildren of the "Greatest Generation" simultaneously fat, greedy, lazy, arrogant and stupid -- enough so to re-elect George W. Bush.


Puritanism in America is symbolized by the Salem Witch Trials. Not that everything about religion or belief in a Supreme Being like Yaweh or Jesus Christ is necessarily wrong. To obey the principle: Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self is perhaps the purest and most noble credo I have ever known. But it is simply the rigidity and inflexibility inherent in the philosophy and practice of the most devout pursuants of "Christ" that calls their entire movement into question. To my mind, Puritanism - i.e. pure -- in body, heart, and mind -- represents the classic deterministic trap. There simply is not and can never be a supreme truth -- that is knowable by any human being. Instead truth must evolve with increasing human knowledge and must always be pluralistic not rigidly pure. Puritanism, as exemplified in Salem, Iraq, or the attacks on the World Trade Center, teaches that it isn't enough to disagree. Instead you must hate, torture and even kill those with whom you disagree. This is simply wrong. And there is a word to describe the act to kill others, believing (but not knowing, as in a direct, lethal attack) that they will kill you. The word is MURDER.

Mass Production

Mass production inevitably leads to mass consumption and/or forced/propagandized consumption through advertising. In other words, the term Mass Production has come to represent far more than a manufacturing process in America and is imbued with social, political and ethical contexts that far outstrip economics of production. I see mass production as part of the ethos that one might loosely describe as the "American Dream." Furthermore, it is my belief that mass production -- producing maximal output at minimal cost -- has been overused by U.S. corporations in a vain attempt to simply manufacture profit. This overuse has in turn contributed to a false sense of deterministic largesse or entitlement. Ultimately false entitlement has led to gluttony, scarcity of resources and unsustainability of the systems that mass production was implemented to serve in the first place. A classic example is the unholy trinity of the automobile, internal combustion engine, and fossil fuel -- a 20th Century combination that risks the very sustainability of modernity in the 21st Century and beyond.

The Installment Plan

Have it now; Pay for it later. No pain; All gain. But these ridiculous slogans cannot defy the laws of physics, thermodynamics or economics. In a finite universe, there is no free lunch! Thus LOAN is simply another word for indentured servitude, which is a euphemism for slavery -- to a job; a way of life; a dream.

It is our moral and ethical duty to buy only what we can afford -- not what a bank, our neighbors or the television says. It is arguable that personal and national debt has already destroyed, or at least substantially undermined, the United States of America.


This is a tough one because its converse is conformity and senseless conformity is synonymous with tyranny. But let's face it, individualism can be destructive to a society and its been destructive to ours. The Gun Fighter and the Rock Star are classic American icons, but their outlaw brand of Freedom is the antithesis of Community. Individualism eschews compromise and human progress through collectivism. A nation that celebrates outlaw loners and individual freedoms -- to the detriment of family, community and humanity -- is in decline.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I Hold These Truths...

The major problem today is not even Bush but OIL -- i.e. FOSSIL FUEL.

Why aren't Americans smart enough to realize that? Look at Judith Gap's wind farm. Montana went from 50th rank among States in renewables to something like 5th with ONE project. Gee, do you think maybe the U.S. is underdeveloping alternatives?

And what does the US develop -- ETHANOL. Turning soil; planting corn; fertilizing, corn, weeding corn; harvesting corn; transporting corn; distilling corn; transporting distilled ethanol to refineries; transporting blended/pure ethanol to gas stations... I mean ETHANOL is just so stupid it's sick.

Why is a PV (photovoltaic) roof for my house not 100% tax deductible? Why can't I plug in my car so I can commute with essentially no carbon impact? I could make the electricity with my PV roof. Then there's the additional benefit that (unlike oil) the gas and electricity I might buy (e.g. during darkness) is price-regulated (even after Ros-fiasco) in my home state.

Bottom line: human problems have human solutions. And human beings must move from jaded, cynical frustration to justifiable rage regarding our governments and our societies inability to solve anything. Why does government and society exist? Could it be: equality; justice; long-term humanistic VISION? The kind of vision capitalism has never provided and never will.

Has anyone but me considered that basically TWO (religious) issues -- Abortion and Gay Rights -- prevent millions of working Americans from voting for politicians that support workers (and instead vote against workers and therefore for the rich, monied aristocracy). How stupid is that? And how stupid are religious people for not realizing that the people they voted for haven't given them what they voted for in the first place, but have mightily benefitted the rich.

How is it that we celebrate our political forefathers' foresight on 7/4 but allow our current batch of retards to bog down in pure demagoguery: flag-burning, gay marriage and meaningless, disingenous Iraq War resolutions ("We must win." "Stay the course." "Fight them there so we don't have to fight them here." "There's light at the end of that tunnel." "We'll soon bring Democracy to the Middle East.") Does anyone remember Viet Nam? Once again we're the Nazis, folks, and the Nazis NEVER win.

So in my eyes, American DEMOCRACY is DEAD because our government and our industry/economy does little that we, the vast majority of workers, wants or needs. And it is therefore our responsibility as the Workers of America, as Citizens of America and of Planet Earth -- to GET A CLUE and UNITE!

Fat and stupid is no way to go through life. Retarded as I contend that George Bush is, he (and his oil-rich Arab friends that have lined Bush family pockets since domestic oil tapped out in the 60s) are surely laughing at us!

It's time to face the fact that unbridled, unregulated, under-taxed capitalism hiding behind Christian rhetoric has not solved a single problem faced by this great country. And a world at war, turning on FEAR, ENVY and GREED is not a world to bring another generation into.

How is it that these truths are not self-evident?