I Hold These Truths...

The major problem today is not even Bush but OIL -- i.e. FOSSIL FUEL.

Why aren't Americans smart enough to realize that? Look at Judith Gap's wind farm. Montana went from 50th rank among States in renewables to something like 5th with ONE project. Gee, do you think maybe the U.S. is underdeveloping alternatives?

And what does the US develop -- ETHANOL. Turning soil; planting corn; fertilizing, corn, weeding corn; harvesting corn; transporting corn; distilling corn; transporting distilled ethanol to refineries; transporting blended/pure ethanol to gas stations... I mean ETHANOL is just so stupid it's sick.

Why is a PV (photovoltaic) roof for my house not 100% tax deductible? Why can't I plug in my car so I can commute with essentially no carbon impact? I could make the electricity with my PV roof. Then there's the additional benefit that (unlike oil) the gas and electricity I might buy (e.g. during darkness) is price-regulated (even after Ros-fiasco) in my home state.

Bottom line: human problems have human solutions. And human beings must move from jaded, cynical frustration to justifiable rage regarding our governments and our societies inability to solve anything. Why does government and society exist? Could it be: equality; justice; long-term humanistic VISION? The kind of vision capitalism has never provided and never will.

Has anyone but me considered that basically TWO (religious) issues -- Abortion and Gay Rights -- prevent millions of working Americans from voting for politicians that support workers (and instead vote against workers and therefore for the rich, monied aristocracy). How stupid is that? And how stupid are religious people for not realizing that the people they voted for haven't given them what they voted for in the first place, but have mightily benefitted the rich.

How is it that we celebrate our political forefathers' foresight on 7/4 but allow our current batch of retards to bog down in pure demagoguery: flag-burning, gay marriage and meaningless, disingenous Iraq War resolutions ("We must win." "Stay the course." "Fight them there so we don't have to fight them here." "There's light at the end of that tunnel." "We'll soon bring Democracy to the Middle East.") Does anyone remember Viet Nam? Once again we're the Nazis, folks, and the Nazis NEVER win.

So in my eyes, American DEMOCRACY is DEAD because our government and our industry/economy does little that we, the vast majority of workers, wants or needs. And it is therefore our responsibility as the Workers of America, as Citizens of America and of Planet Earth -- to GET A CLUE and UNITE!

Fat and stupid is no way to go through life. Retarded as I contend that George Bush is, he (and his oil-rich Arab friends that have lined Bush family pockets since domestic oil tapped out in the 60s) are surely laughing at us!

It's time to face the fact that unbridled, unregulated, under-taxed capitalism hiding behind Christian rhetoric has not solved a single problem faced by this great country. And a world at war, turning on FEAR, ENVY and GREED is not a world to bring another generation into.

How is it that these truths are not self-evident?