Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Face it:  a world where Willard Mitt Romney reports $21.6M of unearned income in 2010—and pays 13.8% FICA—a rate lower than a family earning 80,000--is a dystopian world.

A world I fear never gets fixed; where the one percent never have a “change of heart” and return excess pre-crash profits; where crony “Citizens United” democracy refuses, in the wake of the greatest economic collapse since 1929,  to “claw back” any amount evoking fairness.

No.  The die is cast.  Marx was right about unfettered capitalism.  When the economic gamesmanship is over, working people always lose.  Or perhaps it can be said that each has a 1/100 or 1/1000 chance to reach Romneyworld, as if anyone wanted that much of anything.

Romneyworld is for money hoarders.  As for the rest of us, we buy a lottery tickets or occasionally imagine ourselves, through media, languishing in his kind of remorseless success!

Consider these facts:

  • When my father was born (1941) there were 2 billion people on this planet.  In his 71 years, world population has nearly quadrupled.
  • But has life sustaining technology quadrupled to satisfy basic human needs like clean air, water, healthy food or medicine?
  • Is there four times more oil today?  Yet we still run our core economy on it—as if it was 1912 not 2012.
  • No.  Except for money printing, which primarily benefits Romneyworld and undermines wages through ever higher prices, especially since Nixon abdicated the gold standard in 1971; except for Moore’s Law—but you can’t digest an iPad--there exists few real commodity, economic or technological indicators having quadrupled to match population.

Still, for centuries, workers have muddled along, winging away like Foreman versus Ali in their famous match in Zaire.  Then in 2008, the “rope-a-dope” phase abruptly ended and a knockout ensued.

So what comes next?  Will Romneyworld manifest completely through war?  As a final, unfixable fiat monetary collapse?  As a series of manmade plagues the very richest and Machiavellian are perhaps already preparing  for?

I can’t say exactly.  Frankly, the Romneys seem nearly as insipid as the rest of us—except for their perfect, capitalist sociopathy, a unique, distinctive penchant for earning money while harboring zero empathy.

We can only be sure that:

  • Extended lifespan via organ replacement and stem cell therapy will not be for us.
  • Sub-orbital or under-sea-colonization will not be for us.

Instead, for us, says Romney, it’s time to process the Kubler-Ross stages of the new normal; to accept decline and devolution.

  • Denial (you may be here)
  • Rage (I spend most of my time here)
  • Bargaining (I’m struggling here, trying to live an objectively  moral life, breathing better, taking prescriptions to control panic, striving not to damage others when my worst inclinations trend--but it’s not easy--not when taking is your nation's, your neighbors' and perhaps your future President’s way of life).
  • Depression (why collapse under what we can’t control; like being angry at the weather, it’s pointless and silly;  skip this stage—or work in parallel with rage--nothing says these phases are linear;  undoubtedly some overlap, like waves cresting a barren and rocky shore)
  • Acceptance (alive, still and ready for whatever comes)
    • Learn to hack computers, centrifuges, power grids...
    • Learn to splice genes and develop vaccines
    • Learn to grow food
    • Learn to survive if dropped from a helicopter anywhere
    • Form family or community survival and continuity pacts (practicing “survivalists” are decades ahead of us; we need to catch up fast)

Today, we non-Romneys have been found guilty and wanting, for believing in an extraction economy, only to realize very late that we have been extracted.

Or, like Neo in the Matrix, can we cease debating possible, positive Romneyworld outcomes (there are none)?   Can we stop fixating over our score in the Romneyworld hierarchy?  Can we stop obsessing over its failure?  Can we reject winner-take-all, Romneyworld economics and attain meaning and purpose through lives far removed from the reaches of Cayman Islands investing accounts?

Stranger things have happened!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


‎"Did anyone prophesize these people?  Only Travis...  Come in Travis." --The Clash, Red Angel Dragnet

To trivialize or (temporally) encapsulate "Taxi Driver" is a mistake.  TD is not about 1976.  It is not about Viet Nam.  It is not even about White Male Rage…

It is about the (American) decline, decay, insanity and violence exemplified by New York City in 1976--and conversely (by extension) about the sacrifice (by Washington and now suspect institutions in general) of decent, moral, hard working America--to the immoral rise of  “Wall Street" metonym corporate capitalism, culminating in the political aspirations of one Mitt Willard Romney.

Yes, New York City, at least since Rudy Giuliani, is mostly sanitized, mostly "cleaner" and like any well run theme park, mostly "safer"--for tourists.

But only because the poor, the marginalized and the increasingly discontented are decades hidden from view--behind "service sector" jobs, protest barricades, ghetto boundaries or "War On Drugs" prison bars--while the real "Golden Calf", the true "Christ" of conspiring elitist WASP America, The Wall Street Bull (sculpture) remains safely ensconced in Manhattan’s Bowling Green park, surrounded by steel barricades and 24x7 police guards--in keeping with the militarization of American civil life in general since 911.

Yet Travis Bickle lives!  His fractured American Male psyche is as alive today—e.g. Gingrich’ South Carolina Republican primary win--as ever.  And we have Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader and Bernard Herrmann to thank for delineating the poetry behind America’s consuming and inevitable descent to madness.


This is the America we, the democratic majority, essentially voted forty years for…

Too bad we don't like it any more--because it really hasn't changed much from my vantage--people take; people rationalize taking.  The only difference I see today is there's less Earth to monetize and more people struggling to monetize it--boo hoo hoo...

So we "Blame the rich!  Blame the government!  Blame your neighbors!  Blame the scapegoats! ..."  Anything but acknowledge your own selfish complicity in shared failure.

Congratulations, America!  You finally stumbled upon perhaps the one common thread in The American Dream

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A K A “How We Got Here”

(based on You Are My Sunshine)

You are my Credit. My only credit.
You help me buy things I cannot afford.
Once it was slavery. Now it's called FICO.
Please don't take my Credit Cards away!

I am Big Brother. Your one real family.
I tell you Nature does not apply to you!
I print the money, then sell your soul to China.
Don't ever take my taxes away!

I am Producer.  Your only Master.
I write the tax code for me not you.
Though I pay nothing, mine is in the Caymans.
You still choose me, insipid Fox "News" fools!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

HE is Ron Paul. WE Are Dangerous!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

It is time to decide, Powers That Be, just exactly what it is you will concede to the Children of Liberty in this country on this Earth.

Because your dehumanizing, neoliberal, conspiratorial, HR approved, psychotropic--ally enabled, ecumenical, group-think, extraction fallacy, for the unique benefit of elite Wall Street sociopaths and Ivy League social engineers has officially failed!

And there is nothing you can do, neither now or for generations yet unborn, to spin up Soviet styled, perpetually indebted, GDP obsessed economic pornography, again.

So if you to refuse to yield to or abide civil and economic emancipation and common sense rationality in the civil discourse of a free and free willed society, then rest assured, that we are capable of the meanest, most draconian acts of political, social and economic recompense imaginable.

Hope dies hard.  But it can and will die.

He is Ron Paul.  And We are dangerous!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Existence: 1.12.2012

I can at least (barely) rationalize my existence by not reproducing.

In  my opinion, any breeder holds no claim to the validity of their light cone vector in this universe.  So... at least I retain that honor, such as I am.

Be advised that I have concluded recently that the worst thing that can happen to someone is to (finally) acquire a little money, which (sort of and temporarily) removes the panic of enduring an entire, pointless lifetime of wage slavery, only to subsequently introduce the panic of living in a sham world (not ShamWow! but sham-world).

This hopeless, panic-state occurs when you realize you’d have to be a billionaire to experience any real sense of  "freedom" on this planet, under its present (increasingly broken) system of socio-political and economic organization.  (Now, arguably $5-20M might work; But take it from me, $1M--even with little/no debt--gets you not even close at my age—just anticipating future medical expenses…).

So I am forced to conclude that: perpetual economic inflation (the law of ever larger numbers) coupled with wage-slavery is brutal trade and still worse occupation.  And unless one can afford to hire other slaves, then most (statistically all) of us are just stuck in this--until death.  (Birth.  School.  Work.  Death.)

Have you ever imagined retiring?  Maybe retiring early?  Like me, maybe you have?  Well think again!

I am almost (2/18/2012) fifty years old--and would seriously considering killing myself--but then others might get more--and that would just be stupid, now wouldn't it?! 

So… Keep pretending.  Keep voting.  Keep dreaming.  Happy Thursday!  1.12.2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Gospel of Collapse

Let’s face TRUTH.  Our economy has devolved to little more than a Ponzi scheme for the benefit of the One Percent! 

This reality is unsustainable.

All you need do is read to know that:

  • If the economy could (somehow, magically) grow fast again, interest rates would necessarily rise, because asset inflation would undoubtedly soar from increasing demand.

    • But middle income wages haven’t risen much in nearly 30 years, stagnating around $35K per household.

    • And when rates rise substantially, high risk assets on the Fed’s balance sheet collapse in value and the Fed becomes insolvent, absent printing Trillions more unsterilized currency—ever more re-liquefaction, rendering the fiat dollars in every consumer’s pocket (or bank account-- if he/she should be so lucky as to even harbor savings today—like me) worthless.

  • Whereas, if the economy continues to stagnate (as now--see Japan) the Fed will also continue printing unsterilized money and taking on ever larger balance sheet risk in the name of taxpayers (BIRTH!  SCHOOL!  WORK!  DEATH!) to try and force the economy to grow.

God, let this insanity end!  Yes, the ONE PERCENT rigged economy will mostly collapse.  Millions will lose jobs.  Government spending and bloat get sliced to ribbons.  The "Safety Net" disappears…

But you and I might still be here--to rebuild our lives and an economy that is NOT FAKE.  Where we are NO LONGER THE SLAVES OF THE DECADENT ONE PERCENT!  It will be (for a time at least) like North Korea, only our "Great Leaders" will all be gone or discredited—and we'll all finally get a fair and equal chance at being human!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hello?! Rick Santorum is a White Christian Values… NAZI

A brief history of the Repiglican party of the United States of America:  STUPID => FAILURE => BANKRUPT => COLLAPSE => NAZI

Any questions?

Because 4/5 above applies to the Democrap party too (see FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama).

Monday, January 02, 2012

What Price Dignity?

Sanity and Montana—a favorite combination!


The tail end of Professor Alperovitz' discussion snippet is stimulating.  The idea of restructuring Social Security and Medicare as sacrosanct, not-for-profit corporations (Montana has a similar program with it's Coal Trust Fund) is at least thoughtful.

But the rapid collapse since 2007 has convinced millions that "the law of large numbers" applies.  Which is to say, that American federalized government no longer scales well enough to meaningfully or efficiently address human plagues like ignorance, poverty, aging or disease;  that our too big government is no longer capable of wiping out polio, undermining terrorism or sending men to the moon.  It’s corruption is endemic.  Its reality is hopeless and meaningless to citizens’ lives, especially those under fifty, few of whom bother to vote (even the 2008, youth election of President Barack Obama, saw age 18-50 participation averaging below 50%).

No.  Large, collective federalized government achievements are behind this nation, now, and arguably forever.

Today, the United States Federal government is little more than a "dole" machine--dribbling out debt-financed trinkets and baubles (in exchange for votes)  to mass media mis-educated present and former wage-slaves mesmerized by shiny (consumer) objects.

And you can't fix that reality by remaking government's largest non-discretionary (entitlement) programs into stand-alone corporations.  If we tried, we'd simply add to an already too long list of amoral, extractive, meta corporations--run by elites, for elites.

No.  These dinosaur meta programs and corporations must go extinct.  At this stage of advanced sclerotic decline, America must by necessity afford only theories and practices of elemental, Constitutional, Federal government, in turn enhanced by scalable and democratically responsible State and local institutions, industries and commerce.  In short, Jeffersonian Federalism works!   And capitalism for everyman can be rebooted.  But FDR's "federalized" meta government in the end has failed this country and must, in the nation’s best interests, be dismantled as quickly, practically and humanely as possible.