Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Big Orwell

Big Sky Big Money

Frontline easily shows that Super Pac/501© not-for-profit corps are already literally running Montana State House/Senate campaigns, subverting local democracy with a few thousand spent on mass mailings, electing candidates with zero experience and zero qualifications – except undoubtedly complying with (invisible) funders’ agendas 100%

This is the worst possible outcome from Citizen’s United--essentially corporate-Orwellian--but for its more obfuscated, totalitarian/fascist public-private partnership, implementation.

Life In Hell!

After Super Storm Sandy, all/most of lower Manhattan (south of midtown) remains dark.

But with one notable exception…

Too Big To Fail?
Too Big Has Failed?!

Rest assured that Too Big Will Fail Again!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hospice For A Dream…

Very interesting...

Stephen Jenkinson says essentially that our "job" is to honestly witness (for future reference) the death of this culture, because it's obviously dying; that our job is to be "useful" as possible in midwifing its end of life and ultimately death, not to distance ourselves from it and from our own fear of it.

Die well America!  You made a LOT of mistakes, but you still deserve our respect, if not for what you did but for the noble, egalitarian things you tried to do.

Then let us teach Love and Trust and Community, even if only by necessity, to be better descendants of The American Dream than fear-centered consumerism, individualism and colonialism proved to be.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mothers of the Disappeared

The best people and ideas are obviously dead, now.
But much as powerful American corporations evolve, beyond U.S. decline, we survivors—those who can kill without obvious insanity—will remain as unwitting Mothers to that which we have disappeared.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Before We Can Move On

Politics is the only way the coarse underbelly of American society gets any real, legitimate exposure.   Race.  Class.  God.  American politics has become a public exorcism, a cleansing debasement, a catharsis we simply must have, now, before we can move on.

In this way, politics has become the bowel movement of American civilization.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

RIP George McGovern – God Save Law And Order!

McGovern picked a good year to die!

There seems a kind of symmetry at work here and "Law And Order" will be the net result in 2012, as per ‘72, ‘80, 2004…

Thus, whenever there is real fear (not just shock and misplaced optimism – see 2008) that colonial, petro-capitalism might actually, finally fail, that the spigot driving American excess and self-delusion since Eisenhower might finally be drying up, then America always votes “Law and Order” and normalcy quickly resumes.

This is not my land (certainly not as I would choose it) and it's maybe not yours.  But it is our country, and let's face it -- we are neither well educated nor overly intelligent people.