Monday, December 18, 2006

Stoke up the furnaces!

Today, I wouldn’t hold anything except anti-dollar (GLD, FXE, PMPIX – down short term, up long term) and/or high div payers and/or big EPS surprisers. That’s about it – and just remember there’s a big reckoning coming at the first real hint of a slowdown (GDP, PMI, capacity utilization, etc.) so you’d better be ready to pull that trigger faster than the guys that do it for a living. Per CNBC, the hope is that 4Q GDP will surprise to the upside. But then others suspect that hope may finally have run out…

Because, as the article above states, sales tax receipts (and Wal Mart’s same store sales) are showing a marked drop-off in consumption (consumption = 70% of U.S. economy). Fallen how far and how fast? Well that’s why they play the games isn’t it? (Saints LOSE; Cowboys WIN -- and spit too; Bears SQUEAK Tampa Bay!?).

The other HUGE issue as I’ve said many times before is THE CURRENT ACCOUNT DEFICIT which at present pace ($865B) will be $1T in a year or two. Think of how much money those Japanese, Chinese and Saudi bond holders must pump, year after year after year, into U.S. Treasuries to keep this leaky, rusty, old (USA economy) battleship afloat. The Chinese already hold $1T of U.S. debt. Do you think they want another $1T and another… and another? Already the Chinese govt. has stated publicly there will likely be a shortfall of new jobs in 2007 (some part below the 2,500,000 they need to prevent rioting in the streets – I’m not kidding).

Then you have Paulson and Bernake, the “I’ve got mine, now go fuck yourself” twins of American govt. (or is it Armageddon?) finance. They keep harping that China must “float” its currency… Translation: the U.S. dollar must diminish in real value by at least another 30-40%. The fact it’s depreciated 98% since we stopped gold pegging in 1972 just isn’t enough apparently! BUT note that the decline must be orderly, precipitated by myriad speeches about how great the economy is; how low unemployment is, because we can all work for $12/hr and work until we fall over dead from old age, with no health benefits, and a bankrupt Medicare system; and how we can simply “grow” (or is it inflate?) our way out of all our problems, if only we cut taxes a bit more (for Paulson and Bernake), depreciate a bit more, offshore a bit more, and of course elect another generation of profligate Republican earmarkers -- orderly, of course, so Wall Street has ample time to adjust – so the only suckers holding the bag are YOU and ME.

So keep buying those stocks Goldilocks! It’s only paper. “All the numbers are so much bigger now! Gee, that means we’re all richer, right?” Yes, that’ what they said in the Weimar Republic, and we all know how that turned out – meet your new leader, Adolph! So from my vantage, this (impending) disaster is not too big, not too small, but just about right! So stoke up the furnaces because somebody’s going to have to burn for this one. Probably them terr’ist liberals… it was them what dun it!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

POY: TIME got it right this year.

TIME magazine recently announced its annual Person Of the Year. Surprise! It's you, I, me, we.

And despite the fact I'm talking about a mass media corporation, this time TIME got it right -- even if it's not sure exactly why.

For this was the year of net neutrality. And so, expanding on that theme, let this year mark the end of ism and the rise of ize. The end of status quo, hegemony nouns and the rise of decentralizing, anarchistic verbs.

Terrorism, elitism, nationalism, globalism, institutionalism: these ism nouns exhibit one common principle -- banding together to exploit and marginalize others -- the historic ability of the powerful, the status quo to perpetuate unfairness in the face of all rational opposition.

But for once, this was a year of we and not of us versus them.

This year:

We are finally united in opposition to the immorality and failure of the Iraq War.

We are against the blatant corruption of our governments, corporations and the status quo in general.

We want a rational energy policy that can support a sustainable world.

We believe that open source Linux, not proprietary, malware hosting, corporate symobolizing Windows, represents the future of computing.

We believe that the most important human ideal, as America's founding fathers stated so eloquently more than 200 years ago, is the right of every human being on this planet to pursue her destiny unencumbered by superstition, manipulation, misinformation, lies, or violence.

We believe that a world where the only choice the powerless have is murder-suicide is a world destined to end in a mushroom cloud. Life with fairness or death through hegemony is not a choice. We choose life!

So here's to you TIME, and here's to us, to we. May we continue to realize, incentivize, democratize, self-actualize, and most importantly decentralize power and hegemony on this planet, for the benefit of all and not just a few.

They are the past but we are the future.

Power to the people!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Probably, I am an Anarchist

I now realize I am less a socialist than an anarchist.

I still admire, or perhaps even love, the idea of socialism, first because it eschews private property/capital (collectivism) but mostly because it favors the utter destruction (nihilism) of the ruling class (rich), which clearly is most responsible for the unhappy and precarious state of this planet. Surely no one could blame it on the poor.

An Introduction to Anarchism and click Listen Now – unfortunately it requires Real Player, at least under Firefox (though I think you can download it as an mp3).

Favorite quote “if voting could make any difference, then they would surely abolish it…” Heaven, to me, is quite simply the just and righteous end of them – in every shape and every guise. I have therefore concluded that at my core (and it has probably always been so): I despise groups. I despise governments. I despise authority. I despise everything that subverts my true will, ability and opportunity to understand myself and to search for meaning in this life. I desire, can, and do feel love. But I know it is impossible for a human to love unconditionally, much as at this moment it seems impossible to imagine how people can coalesce (organize) without simply compounding the damage.

At any rate, one must admit that anarchy has a far more likely future than socialism. For example, Jesus was a socialist, and look at the state of George Bush Christianity today. I also agree with the BBC speakers that there seems a pathology at work on this planet -- and it is clearly and inevitably leading to decentralization through the eventual collapse and failure – of every pathetic system (Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss…) based largely on one group (strong) exploiting another (weak) – And that the only sustainable human future not ending in a mushroom cloud requires finding the means to survive and even to thrive in precarity as opposed to pledging allegiance to one rotted or rotting ideology after another. I guess one might argue that anarchism is the political equivalent of the second law of thermodynamics, but where ideally the breakdown or dissolution of Hobbes’ Leviathan is disciplined, self-determined, intelligent, rigorously self-examined -- in a word: thoughtful.

People join herds because we are weak and pathetic. And the more pathetic we are, the more likely we are to join. You may quote me on this.

Monday, December 11, 2006

3rd World 2.0

If you find yourself working for small company, don’t invest in its 401K unless there’s a trustee/outside investment firm managing the funds.,0,5286541.story?coll=la-headlines-business

Just another fact (Iraq, Katrina, Pensions, Social Security Trust Fund, Medicare, 401Ks) supporting my claim that the U.S. has become a new generation 3rd world country -- with a great PR campaign and a far too large, unsustainable, good-for-nothing ruling class.

When every promise is replaced by an advertisement and every law is undermined by exceptions, exemptions, greed and fraud, then we live in a 3rd world country, and I will not be surprised to see every street resemble those of New Orleans (lucky) or Baghdad (unlucky) in my lifetime. I call it 3rd World 2.0 – when the tired, bloated, aged and previously deluded nations throw up their hands and admit there was never anything (but a lie/dream) holding it all together anyway.

At that point, it's next stop -- anarchy.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

America Chooses Life!

America is not doomed.

America can see the truth and vote for it.

It may take two years, but tonight the heart and the head are united -- the wrong track is the wrong track -- then the only thing to do is change course.

Evil is real and tonight it was vanquished. For tonight at least, Selfishness and War for war's sake are vanquished.

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: Deuteronomy 30:19

I am so proud of my country this night that my heart is literally bursting.

Let's roll.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Death of Caesar?

Is it over? Is it finally, really over?

The NY Times photos are astounding. If the Pentagon won’t let them show the caskets, then they’re going to show the funerals. Click on the Mournful Month photo essay and I defy you not to feel really bad and really angry about the direction of your country.

I watched Joe Scarborough on MSNBC tonight (former Republican Congressman from Florida) and it was just amazing. It seems to me that no one is missing an opportunity to shove the dagger in now. It’s like watching Julius Caesar being gutted on the Senate steps in Rome – a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. 101 Americans dead this month alone – the most in over two years. Scarborough had these pictures of the Shrub standing behind the podium smirking, contrasted with the Times pictures from the funerals. The looks in the little kids faces. The lost and forlorn eyes of the sisters and wives and moms and dads… even the troops in the honor guard look conflicted and disheartened.

In these last days, this election has quickly become, literally, a referendum on America’s soul – and I feel that we may finally be realizing that a vote for George Bush (and the Republican hegemony) is a vote for the Devil himself; a vote for Death; a vote for Corruption and Incompetence at every level; a vote for every dark, evil and vile thing that America can be – a vote to snuff out every bright and shining thing that humankind aspires to.

And no one in history has ever deserved this turn more than him and them.

May Justice be done.

Friday, September 22, 2006

New and Improved Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United Corporations of America.

And to the Profit, for which they stand.

One nation, rotting under a Dollar Sign.

Divided. With stupidity, indignity and injustice for most.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bush EXPLODES to 44% Approval!

Still a Nixon-like level (i.e. relatively not good)... But then, by Diebold standards, 44% is a SUPER-MAJORITY.

Translation: Democrats doomed!

My advice to the Democratic Party of the United States of America: next time STAND for something different -- like, oh, I don't know... maybe the environment, energy independence, peace, humanism, corporate reform, entitlement solvency... you know, KOOKY stuff like that.

Instead all I really see/hear is: "We're going to fight THAT NOUN better than they did!" When, statistically, my risk of dying from THAT NOUN is the same as my risk of being struck by a comet. (Where's the Dept. of Comet Security!? Where's the $500B appropriation for the anti-comet defense system?)

So Dems, follow my advice and eventually the voters might just notice -- or the sky will explode, the oceans will rise 25 feet, and we'll all die screaming anyway -- whichever comes first.

Be Kind to Hugo

Oil down!
Stock market up!
Bush approval soars to 44% (by Diebold standards, that's a super-majority)!

Well Happy Days are Here Again!

But my only problem is that I agreed 100% with everthing Hugo said that was quoted on the news. Is Venezuela's social security system solvent? Do Venezualens have free health care? Does the government provide a stipend to insure no one starves? Man, that socialism stuff is just pure EVIL isn't it?

Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. American Retard, just please be nice to Hugo and Mahmoud. (PSST! They have a LOT of OIL!) And our Great America funhouse runs on the stuff.

Oh and if you think we can just TAKE it, because, like we have really fast fighter jets and stuff... I'm afraid our youth between the ages of 18 and 24 just don't seem to be signing up on the dotted line to die for our corporations the way they used to.

They hate us for our freedom (or is it our spinach). Damn, I can't keep it straight any more!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Arrest me! Kill me! But please stop trying to delude me!

I am so tired of we liberals with our moral outrage visa vi Shrub America: Iraq, Halliburton, neighbors slitting neighbors throats and stealing their babies...

I mean, how is it that we useful idiots believe that twiddling a few knobs on the capitalist oven is going to change it from taking in people on one end and spitting only ashes out the other?

I mean COME ON!

If we really want a better world:
1.) OUTLAW PROFIT. All profit. ANY profit. I'm sorry, but it's immoral to profit by diminishing the circumstances of other living things. And it ought to be a LEGAL crime.
2.) OUTLAW INHERITANCE. It's just theft across generations. If not, get used to George W. Bush and Jenna Bush. They are your legal betters. It's in our legal code. You've codified class you fucking idiots!
3.) OUTLAW CLASS. Marx was right and every other perspective is wrong. Class is the only real human problem.
3.) OUTLAW MURDER (AKA war), torture, usury fees (credit spreads) and all other activities that pit one human against another in hopeless, murderous exploitation.

Winning the battle.
Losing the war!
Animals with pants: 3000 years and no one really gets that yet?

In other words, individually we're pathetic, but our systems, our communities and our ideals -- these represent our only hope. Our ideas are better than us so let's take them to their natural conclusions. Twenty-five years of hating our government, what has it gotten us? These unregulated corporations are NOT an improvement. Privatizing the Sun, the Wind and the Rain is not an improvement. SHARING is our only hope!

Oceans of vodka. Seas of whiskey. Still I wake up in the morning and it hurts just as bad. My household net worth is ~$1M. My house was built in 1890 from ~1M pounds of huge granite slabs -- God how I love to just stare at it. But mostly I just can't stand myself. And I really can't stand you! So I wonder how do you do it? Did I miss a class? Do I need better medication?

Jesus Christ.
Kurt Cobain.
Martyrdom or suicide?
Isn't there something in-between?

Any suggestions?

So just keep whistling dixie Mr. and Mrs. Democrat -- it's the "best of all possible worlds" (trouble is Voltaire was striving for irony when he said that). Count your 401Ks while 1/7 of the human population is starving. And do be sure to FEEL GOOD about yourself and your children's pathetic, diminishing future. Melt the icecaps. Burn the forrests. Kill. Kill. Kill.

Oh and don't forget to vote progressive!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More pro-Marx, anti-Shrub Riffs...

IMO worker's economics have become so bad in the U.S. that the average American, who works more days per year, has a lower overall standard of living, pays for his own healthcare, and dies several years sooner than the average western European, has essentially eroticized (or allowed Rush Limbaugh to do it for him) his/her exploitation. So complete is the delusion here that we're essentially prostitutes having fallen in love with those that climb on us over and over, grunting and thrusting like animals.


You're Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson has $700M in his back pocket from his days at Goldman Sachs (You know, GS, the people that carried Enron's paper until the rest of its investors finally uncovered the scam and bailed, destroying $2B in worker's retirement in the wake of the collapse. So I'm quite sure that good old mid-western Hank has your best interests at heart). Your Defense Secretary is worth hundreds of millions and gets richer with every dose of Tamiflu sold. Your Vice President awarded no-bid contracts to the company he was once CEO of -- Halliburton -- to "rebuild" Iraq. And, finally, you're President, the "liberator" of Iraq, is the extra-chromosome son of yet another wealthy American family dragging down the human genome by eliminating taxation of inheritance.

I tell you, surely the average American is so sick and so deluded that we should teach Das Kapital in the schools!

So call it populism. Call it social democracy. I don't care what you call call it, but without the contribution of people like Karl Marx, you'd have been thrust into work as a child and likely be dead by now. Sure over the years the capitalists have done just enough -- insuring we're fatter, less educated, more "entertained" (are you ready for some FOOTBALL!) and most importantly, unaware of our commoditization -- to keep the lid on for another season.

Just keep paying no attention to the man behind the curtain, America, (While you're at it, take out another home equity loan so you can show us all just how rich you really are). Remember, the man behind the curtain is working for you.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oil and Death: Stuck in the 20th Century

Links and observations illustrating how the history of corruption underlying the hydrocarbon economy is restricting human progress.

Money Does Not Equal Progress

Prices and profits are up.
Wages are down.
The ice caps are melting.
The free market isn’t working and isn’t free.

  • Hydrocarbon alternatives are stifled due to unfair competition through subsidies and the lack of a carbon tax which ignores the negatives from burning hydrocarbons.

  • Exorbitant U.S. defense spending is needed, in part, just to protect oil shipments.

  • The $100 Trillion potential of diminishing reserves has skewed the market economics and corrupted governments responsible for its regulation.

Oil, Religion and Politics – the Poison Soup of the Middle East

Two thirds of proven world oil reserves are under the control of OPEC.  Six of eleven OPEC nations reside in the Middle East. Four of their names read like a terrorism past/present hit parade: Iran, Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia.  Middle East conflict is rooted in the formation of Israel but it is financed by oil-producing nations and manipulated if not perpetuated by First World oil-consuming nations like the U.S. and those of Europe.

Middle East conflict has both Colonial and Cold War roots.

The honest mistake that is Israel:

Iran, Iraq and Syria versus the U.S. and Israel:

Saudi Arabia and al Qaeda:

The Insanity of Globalization without Conscience, Mindless Consumption and Hotrod Morality

The history of the automobile is the history of consumerism in the U.S.  One need only watch today’s car and oil company commercials to understand that these corporations are not merely selling cars and fuel.  They are selling desire and consumption!  “When does a car become something more than a car?” goes one ad.  NEVER!  I find this advertising so offensive, in light of the environmental degradation, terrorism and war accompanying the hydrocarbon age, that I was compelled to poetry, writing new lyrics to Woodie Guthrie’s Riding In My Car (Car Song) which Nissan uses to pitch it’s Z-car.

If a definition for insanity is repeating the same failures over and over while expecting different results, then the hydrocarbon economy is by definition insane.  It seems obvious that global trade cannot work if your trading partners – i.e. those with whom you practice mutual enrichment through trade – hate you and vow to ultimately defeat and kill you.  But this is much the case in the hydrocarbon economy where oil consuming nations finance others espousing their destruction and every $1 increase in the per-barrel price of oil flows an additional $10 Billion to OPEC.

As long as ours is a world of sovereign nations, there is no national argument for enriching sworn U.S. enemies.  Who funds Hezbollah?  Iran.  What funds Iran? Oil.    Continuing enrichment of the Middle East with its absence of peace and open refusal to mutually coexist is simply insane.  Eventually history will denounce the short-sighted, conscienceless, laissez faire economics of Milton Friedman in favor of the comprehensive, moral and balanced ideals of John Kenneth Galbraith.  But by then it may very well be too late.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The American Retard

Too bad we can't elect Shrub a third time. Because believe me, the American Retard would do it.

The American Retard hates abortion and gathers its sperm and ova in plastic sacks which it exchanges at Fund Raisers and ecumenical bake sales so as to prevent the murder of incipient human life.

The American Retard will vote for any life form, no matter how backward, that even so much as farts in the direction of Planned Parenthood.

And the American Retard is quite obviously running this planet!

The Unsinkable Titanic

I watched Titanic this morning. And it reminded me of America...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's Ayn Rand versus Spider Man...

Saw that (title) phrase on dailykos and had to admit it's the best (and certainly most succinct) analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian, Christian-Muslim, Right-Left conflict I have ever seen.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Welcome to the 3rd World America

First the corporations went offshore (for cheaper workers)
Now the best schools are going offshore (for fat endowments)

At this pace, here is my harrowing vision of the future: China and India become the U.S. But the U.S. becomes Latin America.

Welcome to the 3rd World!

And as long as you borrow and consume, you can't stop them.

And that's why I believe the answer to this loss/theft/transfer of the U.S. middle class -- is a United States workers' strike against consumption. I know it sounds insane. So much so that a friend said, "These people won't get up off the couch to vote! Now you're telling them to give up their snowmobiles." (We live in Montana.)

At this point withholding consumption is the only collective bargaining tool the American worker, his family, and his children have left. The U.S. economy is 2/3 consumption. If workers and their familes would merely withhold non-essential consumption, we might still be able to take back this country from the corporations -- before it's gone for all but its very richest citizens.

Today, our most profitable corporations, elite schools, and private capital are financing their side of this transfer with profits from our current-day, mostly debt-driven consumption. But the American consumer is tapped and corporations and the wealthy elite's only hope for continued excessive profit is to "develop" foreign markets. Did your income increase 23% last year. Mine didn't. Theirs did.

And the development of China and India is not so much development as it is a transfer:

First they profited as we buried ourselves in debt and trade deficits, chasing the American Dream: Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210, Madison Avenue, etc., etc., etc.

Then they transferred production outside the U.S.; cut and stagnated U.S. workers' wages; and broke our (collective bargaining power) unions.

Now the elites of our country are tranferring our educational system overseas, replacing the U.S. middle class with a new one -- there.

And why do we let them get away with it? Because our leaders (e.g. Shrub) wrap themselves in the Flag, convincing one half of the U.S. voting population that the other half is sick and diseased, simply because it believes in human, consumer, gay, and reproductive rights!

But there remains hope. Today, these foreign markets aren't large enough to sustain this assett transfer. But in five or ten years they likely will be. And then it will be too late.

The answer is regulation. The answer is responsive (to the people) and responsible "social" democracy.

Socialism is not synonymous with poverty. It's a lie that elitists, social-darwinist, neocons and corporations want you to believe -- as they sell your future.

Is Europe poor? Do your research. Is Germany off-shoring it's production facilities and universities? What about Canada? Austria? Britain? Denmark? Finland?
Which country would you rather be in ten years: Germany or Ecuador? Canada or Mexico?

I see only two choices:

1. Unite, resist and reform corporations and the extreme wealthy through tax law and moral sanction. In other words, take back America from George Bush and his true "base" -- the monied aristocracy.


2. Watch corporations and the elite sell your children's future to the Chinese, while your discretionary consumption finances the transfer.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ken Lay Finally Vindicated -- By Jesus

In a surprising one-man rapture, Ken Lay was recently taken up to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

But he has recently broadcast a closed-circuit interview directly to the otherwise empty skulls of Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed, which they kindly consented to share with those of us comprising The Real World.

During his interview Lay reiterated his innocence of all complicity stemming from the fraud and travesty that was "the crooked E" and that his massive heart attack was in no way caused by stress regarding his 20+ year conviction on numerous felony counts or his prospects for a triumphant and victorious outcome concerning his legal appeals.

Said Lay, "... Adolf, Joe [Stalin], Ted [Bundy] and myself are having a wonderful time awaiting the arrival of Tom Delay as well as chicken-hawks George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld et. al. so we can party, party, party -- finally without having to pay to have the public record expunged later. You know, we have a saying up here: There ain't no JUSTICE in Heaven, boy -- just GRACE. And she's got a tight one."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Roots of America's Decline

The purpose of today's 4th of July treatise is to reflect upon major social, political and economic ideas and forces that have predicated America's decline -- i.e. those ideas or forces that have rendered the children and grandchildren of the "Greatest Generation" simultaneously fat, greedy, lazy, arrogant and stupid -- enough so to re-elect George W. Bush.


Puritanism in America is symbolized by the Salem Witch Trials. Not that everything about religion or belief in a Supreme Being like Yaweh or Jesus Christ is necessarily wrong. To obey the principle: Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self is perhaps the purest and most noble credo I have ever known. But it is simply the rigidity and inflexibility inherent in the philosophy and practice of the most devout pursuants of "Christ" that calls their entire movement into question. To my mind, Puritanism - i.e. pure -- in body, heart, and mind -- represents the classic deterministic trap. There simply is not and can never be a supreme truth -- that is knowable by any human being. Instead truth must evolve with increasing human knowledge and must always be pluralistic not rigidly pure. Puritanism, as exemplified in Salem, Iraq, or the attacks on the World Trade Center, teaches that it isn't enough to disagree. Instead you must hate, torture and even kill those with whom you disagree. This is simply wrong. And there is a word to describe the act to kill others, believing (but not knowing, as in a direct, lethal attack) that they will kill you. The word is MURDER.

Mass Production

Mass production inevitably leads to mass consumption and/or forced/propagandized consumption through advertising. In other words, the term Mass Production has come to represent far more than a manufacturing process in America and is imbued with social, political and ethical contexts that far outstrip economics of production. I see mass production as part of the ethos that one might loosely describe as the "American Dream." Furthermore, it is my belief that mass production -- producing maximal output at minimal cost -- has been overused by U.S. corporations in a vain attempt to simply manufacture profit. This overuse has in turn contributed to a false sense of deterministic largesse or entitlement. Ultimately false entitlement has led to gluttony, scarcity of resources and unsustainability of the systems that mass production was implemented to serve in the first place. A classic example is the unholy trinity of the automobile, internal combustion engine, and fossil fuel -- a 20th Century combination that risks the very sustainability of modernity in the 21st Century and beyond.

The Installment Plan

Have it now; Pay for it later. No pain; All gain. But these ridiculous slogans cannot defy the laws of physics, thermodynamics or economics. In a finite universe, there is no free lunch! Thus LOAN is simply another word for indentured servitude, which is a euphemism for slavery -- to a job; a way of life; a dream.

It is our moral and ethical duty to buy only what we can afford -- not what a bank, our neighbors or the television says. It is arguable that personal and national debt has already destroyed, or at least substantially undermined, the United States of America.


This is a tough one because its converse is conformity and senseless conformity is synonymous with tyranny. But let's face it, individualism can be destructive to a society and its been destructive to ours. The Gun Fighter and the Rock Star are classic American icons, but their outlaw brand of Freedom is the antithesis of Community. Individualism eschews compromise and human progress through collectivism. A nation that celebrates outlaw loners and individual freedoms -- to the detriment of family, community and humanity -- is in decline.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I Hold These Truths...

The major problem today is not even Bush but OIL -- i.e. FOSSIL FUEL.

Why aren't Americans smart enough to realize that? Look at Judith Gap's wind farm. Montana went from 50th rank among States in renewables to something like 5th with ONE project. Gee, do you think maybe the U.S. is underdeveloping alternatives?

And what does the US develop -- ETHANOL. Turning soil; planting corn; fertilizing, corn, weeding corn; harvesting corn; transporting corn; distilling corn; transporting distilled ethanol to refineries; transporting blended/pure ethanol to gas stations... I mean ETHANOL is just so stupid it's sick.

Why is a PV (photovoltaic) roof for my house not 100% tax deductible? Why can't I plug in my car so I can commute with essentially no carbon impact? I could make the electricity with my PV roof. Then there's the additional benefit that (unlike oil) the gas and electricity I might buy (e.g. during darkness) is price-regulated (even after Ros-fiasco) in my home state.

Bottom line: human problems have human solutions. And human beings must move from jaded, cynical frustration to justifiable rage regarding our governments and our societies inability to solve anything. Why does government and society exist? Could it be: equality; justice; long-term humanistic VISION? The kind of vision capitalism has never provided and never will.

Has anyone but me considered that basically TWO (religious) issues -- Abortion and Gay Rights -- prevent millions of working Americans from voting for politicians that support workers (and instead vote against workers and therefore for the rich, monied aristocracy). How stupid is that? And how stupid are religious people for not realizing that the people they voted for haven't given them what they voted for in the first place, but have mightily benefitted the rich.

How is it that we celebrate our political forefathers' foresight on 7/4 but allow our current batch of retards to bog down in pure demagoguery: flag-burning, gay marriage and meaningless, disingenous Iraq War resolutions ("We must win." "Stay the course." "Fight them there so we don't have to fight them here." "There's light at the end of that tunnel." "We'll soon bring Democracy to the Middle East.") Does anyone remember Viet Nam? Once again we're the Nazis, folks, and the Nazis NEVER win.

So in my eyes, American DEMOCRACY is DEAD because our government and our industry/economy does little that we, the vast majority of workers, wants or needs. And it is therefore our responsibility as the Workers of America, as Citizens of America and of Planet Earth -- to GET A CLUE and UNITE!

Fat and stupid is no way to go through life. Retarded as I contend that George Bush is, he (and his oil-rich Arab friends that have lined Bush family pockets since domestic oil tapped out in the 60s) are surely laughing at us!

It's time to face the fact that unbridled, unregulated, under-taxed capitalism hiding behind Christian rhetoric has not solved a single problem faced by this great country. And a world at war, turning on FEAR, ENVY and GREED is not a world to bring another generation into.

How is it that these truths are not self-evident?

Friday, June 30, 2006

The Legacy of your Retard...

"Since becoming president, George Bush has presided over one of the steepest peacetime rises ever in the federal debt. The gross federal debt now exceeds $8.3 trillion. There are three reasons for the post-2000 increase: reduced revenue during the 2001 recession, generous tax cuts for higher income groups and increased expenditures not only on warfare abroad but also on welfare at home. And if projections from the Congressional Budget Office turn out to be correct, we are just a decade away from a $12.8 trillion debt — more than double what it was when Bush took office."

Thanks to the Times for at least holding our fetid, rotting carcass under our own noses. Welcome to Night of the Living Dead -- only you're the zombie, America, you're the zombie!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lord of the Flies...

Whatever you might imagine about the inner workings of the Cheney/Bush, Freak/Retard presidency, the truth is always worse...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

On your children's Soylent Green future...

Soylent Green is coming down faster now... And this chart helps explains why.

As long as there's someone or something to exploit for profit without exploding or collapsing the system, then Wall Street can keep the lid on. And boobus americanus can merrily borrow his house, car, flat TV and razor video-phone.

But instead of inheriting a house and other assets, boobus' relatives will find a mountain of debt and all real assets reverting to the bank. In other words, there is a 100% Inheritance Tax (as I advocate) -- only not on Sam Wal's children -- just on you and yours.

But can personal debt, controlled inflation, Middle East oil and Asian worker exploitation support obscene Wall Street/Abrahamoff profit indefinitely?

Ask Iran. Ask Latin America. Ask Nigeria. Ask the Palestinians. Ask Al Queda. Their answer is not the same as George W Bush's. So we invade their countries and assinate their leaders in favor of our puppets. Nice work if you have the stomach for it.

Then there's our relentlessly disintegrating environment. What ends this bloated, rotting from the inside, empire first -- terrorists or the biosphere itself? Will it matter?


I have enough today; I've grown tired spinning a treadmill in a little cubicle; I'd like to stop -- spend the rest of my days running trails with my doggie, restoring my granite 1890 home, and imagining a world where people treat each other with kindness and respect instead of as objects for exploitation. Animus. Animal. I'm sick of it.

But alas I can't seem to stop and neither I fear can you. The ever larger numbers (housing, fuel, medicine, insurance) simply won't let me. I'm a slave (OK an indentured servant) to the "American Dream" and as I age I find I'm perhaps less happy about having it than I was about maybe never getting it in 1977 when the Sex Pistols voiced my disenchantment and rage.

So in 1980 I started voting Republican. Now I wonder if collapse (or destruction) wouldn't have been preferable to the fake sunshine of inflation, debt and environmental degradation propping up the status quo for 'lo these 25 years.

Like Voltaire I wonder which is best: the best of all possible worlds or no world at all? I guess it depends on how obviously fake the sunshine is. Just how naked is our emperor. Is George W. Bush as naked as our emperor can get? I only hope so.

Finally, if China, Russia or Japan ever adds itself to President Retard's Axis of Evil, then boobus americanus collectivus will be forced to see how utterly fucked it really is. Then our world's problems won't just belong to thoughtful liberals any more. And that dear friends, will mark the beginning of WWIII.

Until then, just keep repeating... "They hate us for our freedom."

Friday, June 09, 2006

Philosophical Friday...

Nietzsche was not a nihilist. He was a transcendentalist in the same vein as Jesus Christ. In other words, “God is dead!” is a liberating, not demoralizing, statement. Unfortunately thus far, humanity has failed mightily to deliver on its inherent promise…

I like to think of it this way:
Nihilism is one pole (say the south) and Determinism is its exact opposite (north or corollary). And our goal as human beings should be to navigate – to exist – or rather to transcend in Christ’s and Nietzsche’s sense – within the ample latitude afforded between equal but opposite truths.

And voting for someone like George Bush or carrying a balance on your credit card simply represents a lesser choice relative to a much deeper, richer and arguably nobler set of possibilities.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American = Idiot

Let's face it Americans are idiots. An American will dump battery acid in a stream and call it economic development. An American will take a dump in his next door neighbor's back yard and pretend it doesn't affect his water quality. An American will spend money he doesn't have, borrowing against the house he'll never own, to buy goods produced in China (clearly DeFazio was right in 2000) at 1/10th the production cost of the same goods made in the U.S. -- then wonder why his wages haven't risen in five years.

Finally, an American will re-elect a President of the United States with an IQ 5 points or so above mental retardation (how many other people do you know that can't pronounce the word PENINSULA) after his evil cabinet has led them into a war, tax cuts and consequent deficit spending destined to destroy their very way of life.

Yes. American = Idiot.

Therefore: buy oil; buy silver; buy copper; buy gold; buy platinum. Buy something real that cannot be created in China by workers making $0.50/hour. Because ALL of those basic commodities (and anything derived from them -- in other words everything) are and will continue to rise in U.S. dollar cost.

In other words, Americans are such idiots that the only way to get them to stop consuming like there is no tomorrow is to take away tomorrow or raise their prices drastically. DRASTIC it will be. For now anyway, I'm holding some hope for tomorrow.

But will this George Bush nightmare ever end?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My art gallery is my window

Allow me to summarize and reiterate a basic philosophy.

Human problems have human solutions. And the only "hopeless" state is one of stupidity or ignorance. But unfortunately ignorance and delusion seem in greater supply today than at any time in my life and that is why I rant, preach, rail and annoy. Call me silly, but my own "prayer" is that someone may actually from time to time turn down their ipod, actually listen and actually think. If so, think about this...

Economics is not a hard science but merely an art/philosophy that attempts to model human behavior (life) in order to foster the greater good, basically to engender more (not less) social and political stability in human society.

Unfortunately, at least for the time being, human life is a zero sum game. You are born. You will die (absent some miraculous technological/magical change). Yet our present economic system, basically originated (or at least codified) by John Maynard Keynes, pretends, like Christianity, that there is a forever bigger "pie" out there for everyone, even the yet unborn -- an ever larger "pot of gold" at the end of every possible rainbow.

But reality, as any "educated" person should know (but unfortunately doesn't based on the status quo) is that it is only the NUMBERS Keynesians use to describe the pie -- not the actual pie -- getting bigger.

In other words, our system is based on INFLATION. Keynesians need a way to insure more money for more people over more time. Inflation is their answer. And while they seek to "control" it, it's still inflation. And any human born under the system and having lived a few decades can easily recognize this fact: having more dollars doesn't make you richer if every dollar buys less every day. Furthermore, the problem is exacerbated by the inability of our species to cope with the obvious environmental consequences of a hundred years of "economic development" in the name of individualism rather than collectivism.

And so I argue Keynesian economics is a failed system that must be abandoned as soon as possible in order to engender greater social and political stability in human society from this day forward. Yes, the present system worked well for a hundred years or so, but only because the size of the human population relative to its impact on the biosphere (planet earth) was discountable in economic terms. But as human impact and "risk" (of catastrophic extermination) has manifestly increased over the last hundred years, most of Keynes' assumptions are nulled and voided. Yet our present economic system remains anchored upon them and (surprise, surprise, surprise) this is a very very bad thing. Bad in the sense that the basic calculus of human progress is (or should be) that anything that doesn't work (unsustainable) is labeled "bad" while anything that does work (is sustainable) should be deemed "good." In other words, "laws" are merely sustainable, functional approximations of truth, in need of continuous refinement and improvement. Truth is unknowable and like "God" unattainable. Plato knew this several thousand years ago.

So Keynes' once good now bad system must be abandoned in favor of a more timely and representative (of the present human condition) zero sum system -- one that ascribes "value" to water that is not polluted, ore that is not dug up (at least not until it is essential and absolutely needed for the greater human good not the mere enrichment of a minority of the human population), unwanted babies that are not born, a sky that will not catch on fire, etc. etc. etc. In short, activities (like NOT consuming) that engender sustainability must simply be valued more highly than ones that do not.

In conclusion, by zero sum calculus, anyone living in Montana, Wyoming, or the equatorial rainforest (there are other places obviously) is far richer than they probably imagine by comparison to those in Washington DC, New York City, Beijing, Tokyo or San Francisco. This is by virtue of the fact that our "future" seems infinitely more sustainable (Last Best Place). After all, dying, polluted, dinosaurs with art galleries and leather upholstery are still dying, polluted, dinosaurs.

My art gallery is my window.

Ted Kaczynski may be insane, but he knew that much.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Global Warming National Park

My wife got very angry with me last night. We were watching a Real Time viewers' choice repeat and round table guest Eric Dyson made this comment about "I have to give it to the Republicans... they're like this prize fighter, who, when he sees that gash on your forehead, says... Hey, I gotta rip that open to win..."

And, to me, this is the completely wrong way to live your life. I mean, HELLO, but barbarism is how we got here, folks: war, greed, corruption, George Bush... So I got very angry and started shouting at the TV (again) about how sick the life is a sport metaphor really is and how it's better to lose for the right reasons than win for the wrong ones... and the next thing you know, she stormed out of the house...

But the very thing I admire about (the best) Democrats is that they don't get it when it comes to winning at all costs. Winning at all costs means people like Jon get euthenized. Winning at all costs means Africa starves forever. Winnning at all costs means you fill up your gas tank for under $50 when it should (if the true impact were remotely considered) cost well over $100.

Winning at all costs means Hillary Clinton (Iraq, Patriot Act) gets elected President when this planet desperately needs Russ Feingold or perhaps even Al Gore, who seems finally to have learned to deliver a competent speech.

Let's face it, once Glacier National Park has no glaciers, when the sewage is mountainous, and the sky is on fire, then winning won't be the only thing; it will only be the stupid thing!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A National Referendum on FAILURE

It's coming in November, with primaries heating up already.

If you want MORE then keep voting Republican. (Maybe Jesus will turn things around if you just pray a little harder...)

But if you want rational, human solutions to obvious human problems, then vote for the opposition.

The sky is on fire. The status quo is the reason. America's leaders must be chosen wisely. And this is what happens when they are not.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If your house was on fire...

You'd put it out. But the SKY is on fire and we do nothing.

So if there is one thing I can do, it is to resist your attempts to render ecumenical judgement based on John The Baptist's vision of Armageddon.

Faith is faith and knowledge is knowledge. It is only when the former prevents children from learning how cells work; how to place more transistors on silicon wafers; or how to make automobiles run on water or sunlight that I must take exception.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday morning coming down...

This Week and Face The Nation were as lame as Meet The Press was great. Russert gave McCain exactly what he deserves. Sellout. Sellout. Sellout. No one gets elected in America with just the 33% moral majority whacko vote, John. So let us hope soccer mom's don't vote for prostitutes.

But there was one kernel of wisdom on Face The Nation, when Bob Schieffer closed by saying -- in response to NASA's latest piper to colonize the Moon and "terra-form" Mars with greenhouse gasses -- that it's probably a good thing we don't "...have to go to the moon, because at this rate (Iraq and Katrina) I wonder if we even could any more."

So take out another home equity loan, America, because I think right now the only thing stopping China, Russia and Iran from ganging up on us is the sheer amount of money we owe...

Take me driving in the car...

Take me driving in the car, Daddy, take me driving in the car. Before the Sky catches on fire, Daddy, take me driving in the car.

Tell me about the Snow, Daddy, tell me about the snow. Before the snow was all manmade, driving in the car.

Show me all the Trees, Daddy, show me all the trees. Put in the DVD with trees, driving in the car.

Sing about the fish, Daddy, sing about the fish. Put in the DVD with fish, driving in the car.

Drive me to the Church, Daddy, drive me to the church. I wonder what car Jesus drives(?), driving to the church.

Drive me to the School, Daddy, drive me to the school, we must preserve the status quo, so drive me to the school.

Drive me to the Mall, Daddy, drive me to the mall. TV says we must consume, Daddy, drive me to the mall.

Drive me to a Bar, Daddy, drive me to a bar. You'll have a brief lobotomy, driving from the bar.

Drive me to the Pharmacy, Daddy, drive me to the pharmacy. I'm medicated from the truth, driving from the pharmacy.

Drive me to the Restaurant, Daddy, drive me to the restaurant. I'm not so fat I need a Scooter chair, so drive me to the restaurant.

Drive me to the War, Daddy, drive me to the war. Our SUV needs a lot of oil, so drive me to the war.

Drive me to the Grave, Daddy, drive me to my grave. They drive us in and drive us out, driving to the grave...

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I mostly lecture about morality in my blogs -- about the futility and vanity of feeling good relative to the moral and ethical superiority of being good. But, as Nietzsche said in 1890 and Ayn Rand reiterated to Alan Greenspan's generation, GOD IS DEAD.  Because I believe this, why can't I accept that ideals like charity and responsibility are just my dime store prism on Bible verses I memorized during the ecumenical indoctrination of my youth?  In America the high road increasingly leads to the cross, literally or metaphorically.

In other words, I need only turn on the television to feel like a Loser with a capital L;  Have-not road-kill for the haves -- who know what it really takes to win in America.

Anyway, that's how I feel this gray Saturday afternoon... America, founded on noble and egalitarian principles, has today metastasized to a libertine capitalist insane asylum: evil and (I not so secretly hope) doomed.  You see, the owner of the open field across from my 1890 granite mansion (another anachronism) on the beautiful, natural, and once ignored west end of Helena has erected a FOR SALE sign.    And I am compelled again to individualism, albeit with a familiar credo: "live as well as possible as far outside the mainstream as possible." After all, the mainstream in America is incapable of living within its means. The economics will surely worsen.

Thus I implore anyone reading this to reach beyond hopeless American values like "net worth" which, excepting owners of gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate, are cruel jokes that haves play on have-nots -- flood marks rising annually as another 102 people become billionaires.  Being a nameless, faceless "believer" -- in their system, in any system -- from America's vast but shrinking middle increasingly feels like exploitation from both sides.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Miracle Wrinkle Cream Saves Humanity...

Miracle Wrinkle Cream only $19.99. Miracle Democracy in Iraq only $1 Trillion. Miracle future for the human race: "terraforming" Mars.

I'm sorry, but it's all the same thing folks: insipid advertising, brought to you by the people that brought you George Bush, your "CEO" President.

You see, there is no pie in the sky. And you will not be made flesh after you are dead. And you are not going to ruin this planet only to move to Mars to ruin (er... I mean "terraform") it too.

I'm very sorry to say that the laws of the universe, of matter and energy, of cause and effect are immutable, and we are stuck with the universe as it is. E=MC2. The sum total of matter and energy is not negotiable, no matter how much Wall Street needs it to be to sustain its insatiable greed.

Wake up! Get a clue! It seems to me that this biosphere is a rather nice one by comparison. Furthermore, it's high time to figure out how to sustain it if we wish to sustain us. So shame on us for worshipping the Free Lunch as we render toxic our bountiful reality!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Blood on Desert Sand

$800B Federal budget deficit (this year alone). $1 Trillion U.S. dollars printed to buy a civil war in Iraq. Every mother holding her breath, praying these insidious, evil Fools do not find a way to institute a military draft -- to send more children to die for their insidious, evil folly, for their insidious, evil barrels of oil.

I confess I actually voted for The Fool in 2000. But by 2004, I would rather have voted for Mickey Mouse. And now it seems every American polled espouses this view. Well, citizens, I'm afraid you're more than a year too late. And today our best films can do little more than quote Shakespeare. For the problem is not in our stars, but in ourselves...

Yet amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth, my fervent hope is that every hard working, honest, and well intentioned person on this planet (and I believe there are far more of us than them) can somehow understand that life's highest aspiration is not to feel good, but to be good -- to stand for something larger than the frail, the weak and the pathetic self.

So let us begin a new day and a new way by ending this insidious, evil Iraq/Afghanistan war. Now! This day! This hour! This minute! Then let us bring to justice every lying instigator, every profiteer, every merchant of blood.

Masturbatory consumption sustains only exploitation and death. Evil begets evil. Love. Tolerance. Peace. Sacrifice. All else is dust. Blood on desert sand.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Birth, School, Work, Death...


Did Japan actually find a way to avoid the seemingly inevitable deflationary
implications of a conservative, aging, saving population. It would seem so.

However, the problem, as I see it, is that the "solution" (worked out over more than a decade) is:
1. punish savers by providing zero yield on Japanese treasuries
2. promise even more draconion punishment by threatening a savings tax (reverse/negative interest) by the banks
3. essentially bankrupt the national government (by comparison, Japan's national debt at 150% of GDP makes our $8T debt -- a mere 55-60% of GDP -- look positively frugal).
4. promote, at seemingly any cost, the growth of a young, spendthrift consumer class addicted to fashion and gadgets (high margin consumer goods).

So the real issue is this: if you create a world economic system dependent on price inflation (aka devaluation of your savings), then what are the longer/larger implications as both human life expectancy and population increase at current levels?
1. no retirement
2. no financial independence (you are a slave to the machine and you will always be a slave to the machine -- at least until you die)
3. meaningless, masturbatory consumption, leading to worsening global climate/environment
4. the human race never bothers to create a sustainable economic system that actually works -- at least without working to death.


So I guess happy days are here again and we should all therefore invest in the stock market and fill up the auxillary tank in our SUV with E85 (which consumes more fossil energy per gallon produced than the "A-Rab" gallon it replaces) -- at least until all the polar ice is gone and the Great World Fire of 2012 begins...

At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid. -- Nietzsche

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the Calculus of George Bush...

Arab Robber Barron Dictators who've put $100M up my Dad's butt = ALLIES and U.S. PORT MANAGERS!
Arab Robber Barron Dictators who haven't put $100M up my Dad's butt = TERRORISTS!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why I'm Not Happy... an open letter to my mother on my birthday


If I bought The Left Hand of God for you, would you read it? It’s a book by Micheal Lerner, a Jewish rabbi that describes how U.S. conservatism has distorted the Jewish and Christian scriptures, and religiosity in general, in pursuit of essentially selfish and purely economic interests, when the reality of the scriptures, as you and many other important institutions, like the schools and the free press, taught me is the scriptural emphasis of every religion is essentially love, charity, tolerance, equality and justice.

I listened to Rabbi Lerner, the book’s author, on CSPAN this morning and I sincerely believe that Rabbi Lerner is absolutely right: the Bible and the Torah say far more about the jubilee (forgiveness of debt every 7 years, equal redistribution of wealth/land every 50 years, love, fairness, peace not war) than railing against homosexuality or for individualism, nationalism and the necessity of war.

Furthermore, I believe that Biblical/Torahical Israel was never as much a nation as a people, even occupied by other nations, but retaining unwavering purity and solidarity in its faith. In short, Rabbi Lerner contends, and I agree, that ours is one world, shared by all living things; that our nations and individualism are too rapidly destroying our world far faster than our technology and present political and economic structure can compensate. And for many reasons, which George Bush and his administration seem to symbolize for we on the Left, the present U.S. government could very well represent a turning or inflection point for our world.

For example:

There was a CNN poll this morning: should the U.S. close the “terrorist” internment camp at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. 79% of respondents (myself included) favor closure as we favor immediate U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.

A recent Pew Research Center study/poll shows how much income and politics play into “happiness.” In short, those with family incomes in excess of $150K/year report far greater levels of happiness. Republicans/conservatives report significantly higher levels of happiness than Democrats/liberals and independents. Frequent church goers report far higher levels of happiness than non-goers.

But frankly, my (i.e. “Liberal”) contention is that to be happy -- in the face of an unending war, massive poverty and disease, ecological disaster and essentially our unsustainable “American” way of life, whereby 82% of this world’s resources (e.g. fossil fuels) consumed annually are consumed by 21% of its “richest” people -- seems frankly more mass-delusion than reality. In other words, I ask, can we rationally justify personal happiness when life for the vast majority of humans is getting worse and more stressful, despite rising longevity? As you know, I just turned 44 years old. And while I am an amalgam of contradictory ideas, ideals and behavior, I can clearly recognize this (worsening) truth. And it disturbs me. It keeps me awake at night; mostly because, on our present human course, I see essentially no likelihood or possibility for improvement.

So if there is life after death, as so many American believe, I would think that God, the creator, if benevolent as most religious persons believe, will have many, many questions for every one of us, but perhaps especially for those professing “happiness.”

Questions like:

Why didn’t you personally do more?

Why was improving your individual and family social and economic status more important than improving your neighborhood, town, nation, species and planet?

Why was emphasizing the social and cultural differences between you and others, mostly to the detriment of civil discourse and human tolerance, more important than emphasizing commonality, like the necessity for clean air and water, collective economic improvement, and free, unbiased education for all?

How could you have possibly professed “happiness” in the face of so much very real suffering? Especially when it’s likely that greater sacrifice and better, simpler, more easily justifiable ethical choices by you and your elected governments might very well have increased the greater good for the larger majority of past, present, and future species cohabiting planet Earth?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Peter Principle of Human Societies?

At Bush's State of the Union pace, events to force the U.S. off crude will have little to do with price, time or technology and everything to do with politics. They all seem to really hate us: Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela... and as soon as they are able, they will turn off the spigot, and starve us in the same way that our way of life has ignored/exploited/corrupted/starved them.

I read this yahoo newsgroup, NASPIR and it's very esoteric and replete with intellectual/academic language, but I believe, as the writers there do, that our only hope -- our only "solution" -- is political, economic and religious compromise, not cultural, economic and military war. But global, near nuclear, war (in the form of U.S. capitalism) has been waged against the earth since the end of World War II. But does globalization mean simply better, more efficient global arbitrage and exploitation? If so, we're all doomed to endless war and pointless death. And if the answer is less for us and more for them, then I say fair is fair. A world (like Bush's) with absolute winners and losers, where losers far outnumber winners, can never be secured and therefore has no future. Doesn't the ultimate collapse of every empire to date prove this?

And while I dream that one day secular idealism will finally and ultimately refute and replace these silly, pointless religions (both Christianity and Islam). Today we witness a potentially catastrophic fundamentalist backlash from the un/mis-educated on both sides. But when you really look, it's a backlash against precarity and not for religious ideals. But precarity is not death and it's time we all begin to understand this. Human beings can adapt to scarcity and precarity just as we did to the false advertising of free/cheap abundance through mass/over production.

In other words, I and many others believe there must be a sustainable, human compromise to be struck:

1. capitalism, combining both regulated AND free markets, bringing innovation and modernity, while limiting and penalizing greed and corruption.
2. secularism, but with morality and common sense modesty, devoid of offensive sensuality and vulgarity.
3. spirituality without absolutism -- a right to private prayer/meditation, while publicly abiding the golden rule -- is a recipe for societal Justice, which is both core and culmination of every religion.

And if I'm wrong, then I'm afraid it's the Peter Principle of human society -- and ours has simply ascended to the nadir of its incompetence.

Todd Ryder

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Paper Tiger

Just like a paper tiger

Torn apart by idle hands

Through the helter skelter morning

Fix yourself while you still can

No more ashes to ashes

No more cinders from the sky

Let all the laws of creation

Tell a dead man how to die

Oh deserts down below us

And storms up above

Like a stray dog gone defective

Like a paper tiger in the sun

Looking through a broken diamond

To make the past what it should be

Through the ruins and the weather

Capsized boats into the sea

Oh deserts down below us

And storms up above

Like a stray dog gone defective

Like a paper tiger in the sun

We're just holding on to nothing

To see how long nothing lasts

Oh deserts down below us

And storms up above

Like a stray dog gone defective

Like a paper tiger in the sun

There's one road to the morning

There's one road to the truth

There's one road back to civilization

But there's no road back to you.

Beck Hansen
Paper Tiger
Sea Change album

Losing your wife. Losing your country. Watching this world melt and turn to poison.
What more is there to say, really. I'm fighting for a lost cause.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Let them eat cake...


Gee, I wonder why the Federal Reserve recently announced it was/would soon end its current cycle of rate raising? Could it be they have $100B in debt (bonds) they need to unload next month -- a feat made that much harder under rising rates... so now I guess there is no inflation ergo no more reason to raise rates.

So I say let these pathetic neocons destroy the middle class. Let them stack our Courts with lying conservatives and our Congress with sleazy dollar-a-fuck whores. After all, anyone with eyes to see knows that the end of American "empire" is well underway. America produces nothing. America consumes too much. America kills without justification. America is sick. And by the simple law of cause-and-effect, America will pay for her sins.

And the 21st century will confirm what history has always confirmed: a government that neither informs nor protects its citizens from their worst, all-too-human impulses: greed, stupidity, hypocrisy and hubris -- is destined to drown in its own blood.