American = Idiot

Let's face it Americans are idiots. An American will dump battery acid in a stream and call it economic development. An American will take a dump in his next door neighbor's back yard and pretend it doesn't affect his water quality. An American will spend money he doesn't have, borrowing against the house he'll never own, to buy goods produced in China (clearly DeFazio was right in 2000) at 1/10th the production cost of the same goods made in the U.S. -- then wonder why his wages haven't risen in five years.

Finally, an American will re-elect a President of the United States with an IQ 5 points or so above mental retardation (how many other people do you know that can't pronounce the word PENINSULA) after his evil cabinet has led them into a war, tax cuts and consequent deficit spending destined to destroy their very way of life.

Yes. American = Idiot.

Therefore: buy oil; buy silver; buy copper; buy gold; buy platinum. Buy something real that cannot be created in China by workers making $0.50/hour. Because ALL of those basic commodities (and anything derived from them -- in other words everything) are and will continue to rise in U.S. dollar cost.

In other words, Americans are such idiots that the only way to get them to stop consuming like there is no tomorrow is to take away tomorrow or raise their prices drastically. DRASTIC it will be. For now anyway, I'm holding some hope for tomorrow.

But will this George Bush nightmare ever end?