Monday, September 24, 2007


He’s got Clinton’s dick, Bush’s shameless idiot swagger, and Cheney’s bubbly Darth Vader personality!

He will LOSE by at least 15% -- unless the Imbecile Party sends Osama another payment and a set of plans REAL soon.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

King Hillary!

What a tour d’ force on Sunday -- 5 shows/interviews...  5 sticks!  10’s across the board!

Topic Response
Healthcare "universal coverage"
Political corruption "public campaign financing"
Iraq war "George Bush's War... no more funding"
Terrorism "law enforcement"

In short, as above, she hit nearly ALL my buttons -- using all the correct phrases.  Then it got even better.  On This Week (Stephanopolous -- most liberal of the big 3) she repeatedly referred to Republicans as the “Just Say No party…” this (coupled with Marr’s recent reference to husband Bill expressing approval for legalization in his memoir) is clear code IMO.  I mean, she may as well have said “George, I’ve scheduled a press conference for today at 4:20…”

Suffice it to say: I’m now solidly DOWN with Hillary Clinton!  She has essentially co-opted the Edwards’ agenda – and he and Kucinich were heretofore my only choice intellectually, with Obama being my moral choice (given there is no Native American candidate).  Her only miss was energy – nothing asked/said there, but that’s an obvious issue/response – even for the Jesus Built My Hotrod, imbecile Party.

Prediction: She will eviscerate Giuliani in the debates. 

As happened somewhat already last November, I look forward to jettisoning a bit more of the cynicism/nihilism that took hold following President Imbecile’s re-election in 2004.  It could again be a truly bright and shining day in America -- now that Michael Moore and I are setting the agenda.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Picking up where Bubble-Boy Alan Greenspan left off, Ben Bernanke bent over for our Money Club yesterday.  Like the psychiatrist on the Sopranos, Ben shows there is no excess nor abomination that isn't deserving of therapy -- as long as you can afford the rates.

Our message is clear...

No Doc.  No Down.  No Limit.  Game on!

Eat Meat.  Lick Lead. Drink Oil. Dump Out. Burn This Planet!

As our hero Ayn Rand teaches: Society and Economy are merely systems to insure unending exploitation.  The rich exploit the poor.  The strong exploit the weak.  The smart exploit the stupid -- and the numbers ONLY GET BIGGER!

I made a LOT of money yesterday and I make no apology.  Greed is Good!  When dollars don't work, I buy euros.  Because prudence isn't profitable, I buy consumption.  If choosing life can't make me rich, then I'll buy DEATH -- shiny, lead-coated death!

It's MY board.  And when I am LOSING it's time to change the rules!

Inflation doesn't exist.  The dollar is toilet paper.  The Sky Is On Fire.  Burn This Planet!

Ben says GO!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Take this house and shove it!  I'm living here for free.

Your oil poisoned the earth; your war killed my kid; and now your LIBOR's fucking with me!

You told me Jesus loved you, but now, finally it's the truth I see...

So you can take this house and SHOVE IT!  Me -- and my guns -- are living here for free!


Suggested Wikipedia entry: George Walker Bush - WAR; IMBECILE; BUBBLE; PIG; RECESSION.  KING MIDAS IN REVERSE!

Bush legacy complete!