Friday, December 23, 2011


(in the famous words of Bill Clinton and a cast of thousands of your betters)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Normal, Meet The New Reich

Gee whiz, Dr. Krugman, you mean kleptocracy (er… I mean democracy) is actually in trouble ?

Oh well.  From my vantage, the Repiglican and Democrap parties have no one to blame but themselves.  Because unmitigated theft cannot be continued indefinitely.  Eventually, the unalienable right to emancipation assumes any possible form it can--to end the murder of hope, the death of justice and the decadence of neoliberal elitism.

In short, when stupid fails, insane takes over!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Emancipation is the only politics worth having!

If I can afford to buy the most expensive products, am I free?

If I teach young people to evolve as will-to-power anarchists amid a failing social order exploited by long decayed institutions, will they be free?

Is self actualization as simple as a video game, where happiness, mobility and possibility are products of my wage-slave salary score, my rung on the “private donor” social ladder, or my percentile in the Ponzi scheme pyramid of First World casino capitalism?

Is a Constitutional right to self determination achievable, without a bank account?  Without a job or home?  Without pensions, annuities, dividends or entitlement checks?  Without medication?

Or is there denouement in knowing that every unalienable human right is finally sacrificed at the altar of desire?

No matter how cynical I become, it’s never enough to keep up…” –Lilly Tomlin

Saturday, December 03, 2011

RON PAUL 2012!

The Ben Bernanke isn't communism.  It’s not even $15,1OO,OOO,OOO,OOObama Democrap.

It's nihilism!

It's "either my classical economic theories are proved correct; either the rich get richer and the poor get trinkets and baubles and credit cards to mesmerize themselves – or else!"

The Ben Bernanke is nothing but a sniveling, petulant $dollar$ Shiva.

End The Fed
Let Failure Fail

Thursday, December 01, 2011


When they said "Run fast, Todd!" I ran.

When they said "Get good grades, Todd!" I did.

When they said, "Go to college, Todd, and get a good job!" I did.

And I was lucky and scrappy and endowed enough to win or place in most of those races! No one GAVE me that! I did not INHERIT that!  But now!  This deluded, insane, Keynesian freak "The Ben Bernanke" -- he won't be happy until he's turned the entire world -- everything anyone could possibly believe in or live for - into a giant roll of toilet paper.  Just so everyone can have an equal piece of nothing!

Well, frankly, I'd rather die first!


Monday, November 21, 2011

(At Least) A 28th Amendment

  • Federal income tax exemption is hereby revoked for any “religious” church or not-for-profit organization or corporation registered in the U.S. – i.e. for any organization previously claiming tax exempt status to engage wholly or exclusively in acts of “charity” or any form of undemocratic, hegemonic, publically unaccountable  activism.  We hereby reclassify such acts as simply an alternative form of commerce inasmuch as commercial activity is generally only minimally regulated and taxed under free enterprise democracy and is therefore less and indirectly accountable to governments operating under the consent of the governed.  By contrast, democratic government sponsored activism is ultimately publically accountable and therefore the only entity synonymous with shared, public goals achievable through consensus by the exercise of a citizen voting franchise.

  • We hereby amend the Constitution of the United States, appending a 28th Amendment, as follows:

    • Corporations are henceforth entitled to none of the "personhood" provisions (e.g. The Bill of Rights) defined under the U.S. Constitution.  Only living people are entitled to personhood and the unalienable rights implicit in it.

    • Commerce is not speech.  One of the most important necessities of governments under a free enterprise democracy is to generally and minimally regulate commerce, not the other way around.  Moral objectivity unequivocally condemns the practice of fascism.  This implies that the exercise of fascism (or any form of undemocratic hegemonic or forced control of people) cannot morally or objectively be construed as free speech.  Money (spending) is an exercise of free will but not of free speech.  It is not legally defined or protected under the First Amendment.

    • Henceforth the U.S. Federal government must balance it's budget annually.  Further deficit spending is authorized only if the current ($15.1 TRILLION) U.S. Federal budget deficit is all or in part defaulted -- e.g. voluntarily settled or restructured with creditors (bond holders) for e.g. $0.40 to $0.6o on the dollar.

    • Elections must be democratically funded, either publicly or privately, so that unregulated money cannot unduly supersede the unalienable human right to exercise free speech by citizens through voting.  (For example, elections may be funded through a $50 annual individual tax credit and/or by legislating free media access for declared candidates garnering sufficient signatures from registered voters to warrant candidacy as qualified by duly elected, or appointed by elected officials, local/State/Federal election commissions.)

    • The Federal Electoral College is antiquated and hereby repealed.  For better or worse, it is past due for the U.S. "Republic" to become a more direct citizen democracy.  We assert that government by the rich, for the rich has failed the majority.  That “too big to fail” corporations and governments have at this stage of modernity stalled in their implicit obligation to deliver continuing, evolutionary economic and social progress for the majority of U.S. citizens.  Ergo, more local, direct and democratic government is a logical response to citizen exploitation by increasingly hegemonic corporations and governments.  To this end, it is conceivable that structural or temporal changes to the Legislative Branch of the U.S. Federal government may be required as well.

    • We hereby end the “War On [illicit] Drugs.”  A free people must be free to use any drugs responsibly if they so choose.  As such, local democratic ordinances legalizing or decriminalizing drug production or consumption shall supersede any Federal statute prohibiting same.

    • An end to wars of choice.  Henceforth, the government of the United States cannot declare, or through executive order, engage in war unless U.S. sovereign territory is directly attacked and U.S. social/economic/political interests are fundamentally threatened so as to risk national sovereignty and/or unalienable citizen rights to life, liberty and self-determination.

    • An end to permanent foreign bases.  It is hereby prohibited for U.S. military troops or assigns to establish permanent bases for operations on foreign soil, even if invited to do so by treaty or other  government declaration, foreign or domestic.  All present permanent bases established for defensive or hegemonic reasons other than active combat to defend U.S. sovereignty must be legislatively decommissioned and troops redeployed to U.S. soil or to active combat operations if and where the sovereignty of the United States of America is actively under attack.

    • Marriage (a k a civil union) between any two consenting individuals of sound mind and legal adult age, regardless of sex, creed or orientation, cannot be infringed at Federal, State or local levels.  The word “marriage” hereby formally implies no religious connotation or purpose, in accord with the separations of Church from State set forth under this Constitution.  A marriage is simply a civil union and contract between any two consenting individuals for the purpose of construing a binding, legal union between two adults and generally consisting of cohabitation, wealth sharing and/or child rearing.

  • Any Federal, State or locally funded charitable aid to individuals requiring offspring or other legal dependents as qualification shall not be granted to fertile  (capable of child bearing) women and men refusing temporary sterilization (e.g. Norplant) throughout the duration of the aid so as to prevent individuals directly benefitting from government funded largesse from producing offspring they either cannot or will not support through private enterprise.  Human reproduction is a privilege not a right and one’s inability or unwillingness to support one’s offspring legally revokes that privilege.

  • 100% Inheritance Tax

    • In modernity, capital (as fiat/standard currency) is the acknowledged basis for accumulating wealth and property.

    • However, we hereby acknowledge that all wealth is inherently derived, directly or indirectly, from the bounty of planet Earth.

    • Moreover, the inability and/or prior unwillingness of governments past to sufficiently recycle wealth from dead persons back to the Earth has created and perpetuated unsustainable social and ecological imbalances contrary to the unalienable rights defined under the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

    • Therefore, henceforth, Earthly derived wealth shall, upon death, revert to nature (Earth) for every U.S. citizen or resident, facilitated as follows:

      • Upon death, all physical assets (property/shares/deeds/titles) shall immediately transfer upon death to each State’s “Abandoned Property” division in accordance with the deceased person’s State of U.S. residence.  (These agencies exist solely to adjudicate and dispose of – e.g. through public auction -- unclaimed property within their legal borders and jurisdictions.)  Furthermore, dead persons or their assigns are hereby prohibited from filing asset ownership claims, for obvious reasons.

      • Upon death, all liquid wealth (e.g. account balances held as written and/or computed representations of accumulated capital) shall be voided (zeroed) and closed (effectively “recycled” from a fiat/standard currency and private property perspective).  Alternatively, where an outstanding U.S. Federal budget deficit exists, accumulated capital balances may be transferred from dead persons to the U.S. Treasury for use in retiring Federal debt or reducing the size of the Federal government’s “balance sheet” of government controlled assets maintained for the mutual benefit of U.S. citizens and legal residents as well as perpetual sustainment of the nation of The United States of America.

    • Only the existence of a living spouse holding a legal claim of marriage (a k a civil union) enforcing shared or in-common financial assets and property can supersede wealth recycling at death, until the death of the last person in a legal chain of one or more, serial, marriages.  In short, Earth derived wealth can only be transferred in common (shared property) from one dead person to another living person through a legal marriage (civil union).  No other form of inheritance, except to Earth, through auspices outlined herein, is legal.

    • Existing Federal, State or local statutes for transferring wealth as financial assets or property, among the living, continue as before.  But again, the transfer of wealth from dead persons to children or other appointed but unmarried “heirs” having no in-common property (“married”) status is prohibited by law.  To continue the arbitrary generational transfer of accumulated Earthly derived wealth from the dead to the living is tantamount to history’s prior failing in previously allowing perpetual transfer of nobility (“royalty”) as perpetual title – a practice morally, rightly and fundamentally ended by the Magna Carta in the year 1215.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let Failure Fail: Ron Paul in 2012

I admit it.  I could vote for Ron Paul.  Especially as a 3rd Party candidate (see Ross Perot).  He splits the Republican (a k a moron) vote and would seriously cut EVERYTHING (though Congress would never let him).  In a world where my government classifies pizza as a "vegetable", a candidate limiting taxation to Medicaid (State taxes), and "liberating" morons to die before they reach Medicare/SSA eligibility, emerges as just my kind of mean-ass, angry American.

Let failure fail!  Vote Ron Paul in 2012.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What if Che Guevara worked at Penn State?

Jesus never killed anyone
Gandhi never killed anyone
Martin Luther King Junior never killed anyone
But Che Guevara did

In this inverted world
Where the highest moral crimes garner the largest return on investment
I am a ten year old boy
Face against the wet tile of a steamy locker room shower
The aging bloated white Christian pervert
(At once leader, artist, brand, academy and economy)
Is inside me

When suddenly a shot rings out
And I am free
Through Che’s steel eternal death gaze
I transcend rape
I transcend “bowl game” commerce
The way a snuff film
forever transcends annihilation

To forgive without forgetting
To eroticize objectification
As I see fit

Your institutions made me their host

But I too may choose to occupy instead!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Live to Code. Code to Live
I never took much away from Rose’ interview, but do agree with Zuckerberg that what separates winners from losers on this planet today is the ability to write code.  Coding teaches human beings to quickly, logically and empirically solve problems.  In short, coding makes you smarter.  And if you're not getting smarter then you're not even keeping up.   You're hopeless.   That's just the way it is and increasingly will be in the future.
Live to code. Code to live.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Congratulations, Human Race, you have rendered yourself value-less through mindless overpopulation.  Henceforth, your humanity is the toilet paper capital wipes its ass with!

(Don’t blame me.  ZERO reproduction score -- and never prouder of it.)

Friday, July 29, 2011


When I'm on Mount Helena, with Henry the dog, above the street runners, where the risks (falls, bones, lions) are small, but not infinitesimal…

It's there America's rules (rich, famous, dead or in hoc) can't follow me.

There, I too am a lion, running free.

In my mind, I am still dangerous!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Live [Debt] Free Or Die!

It's time for debt and every parasitic thing surviving off it (e.g. American democracy) to go straight or die!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poker Face

As narcissists, we can no longer imagine any viable alternative to narcissism, to power and seduction over love and joy.  We are doomed, ghost dancers, occupying varying but equally pointless economic strata in an intricately constructed hierarchy of cultural madness.  We are Lady Ga Ga's ever machinating "poker face" both in pathology and destiny.

Friday, July 15, 2011

No Refuge In America

When you tell people the problem is "structural;"  That money is too cheap to have prosperity for all;  That people are too many to be "precious" on this Earth.

That's when the morons and "enlightened" breeders invariably close their eyes and cover their ears.

Uncomfortable truth has no refuge in America.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Questions for Rep. Paul Ryan, U.S. House of Representatives, appearing on CNBC SquawkBox 6/20/2011…

Why does a “welfare state” (Ryan’s phrase) like Germany have lower unemployment, higher prosperity, healthier exports, greater longevity and generally higher OECD scoring across the board versus the United States?  When, by Rep Ryan’s definition, Germany should be a “basket case”, like Greece.  Why isn’t it?

Why does Rep Ryan’s budget plan “grandfather” current and near future seniors (80% registered to vote) when massive spending cuts are so desperately and immediately demanded by his own calculus?  In other words, why cut my (age 49) future health and retirement entitlement, which I’ve paid in excess of $100K to fund and not cut that of the 80% registered to vote elder population that on average paid less to fund the benefits its receiving?  In short, why is it OK to push me off the cliff tomorrow and not push granny off that same cliff today?  Savings are savings, right?  The answer in my view is that Paul Ryan and his party also engages in “Robin Hood” economics, only theirs benefits the elder population that’s 80% registered to vote?

At what level does Rep Ryan believe the functions of the U.S. government are properly funded?  20% of GDP?  10% of GDP?  The reality is that U.S. government revenue as a percentage of GDP has been mostly falling for thirty years, yet the economy has rarely been worse, more imbalanced across all income strata and less competitive internationally.  In short, “trickle down”, neocon, Reaganomics (tax cuts primarily benefiting the top, endless wars and subsidies primarily benefiting aging, white, 80% registered, Republican voters) has failed!  How much longer does Mr. Ryan intend to defend failure as solution?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Throwing away the roadmap…

Thoughts on watching Alan Greensad on Charlie Rose...

The only people with their hearts in this country today are the very old (no choice), the very poor (guileless) and the very rich (elites) who refuse to accept responsibility for basically stealing The Dream.

Or rather… for stealing The Dream and throwing away the roadmap.


Rich people don’t bail out poor people.
Poor people bail out poorer people and rich people.

Friday, June 03, 2011

U.S. Social and Economic History in Music

We forget this was once a very optimistic country -- at least for my parents.
Repressed and extremely horny, but still optimistic...
Heavy (post Bretton Woods, post '74 embargo, "peak oil") disenchantment begins...

Reagan (war for the sake of war) fear compounds disenchantment...
Disenchantment sows (Bush/Cheney/Iraq) anarchism on the cusp of The Great Depression II Recession -- that corporatists will strive to blame Obama for (as Reagan once successfully blamed Carter).
So the question is: will the stupid, fake growth lie work again?  And what will it sound like?

Monday, May 30, 2011


Sarah Palin rides a Harley for  “freedom.”

I consider what freedom means to me…

I’m free to buy things.
I’m free to go into debt.
I’m free to need a job until I die.
I’m free to be vulnerable to economic forces beyond my control.
I’m free to want cosmetic products, even surgery, to match commercial ideals.
I’m free to less than willingly participate in a hyper-efficient market economy consuming the natural world.
I’m free to be a slave or slave master.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unfit To Be Led

I agree with Mr. Blow that today America's problems (and differences) are no longer intellectual but rather “theological" or ontological -- are intractably rooted in faith and metaphysics, which is to say, in unempirical ignorance.

So I suggest henceforth that America deserves only cynical, anarchist and above all comedic Presidents!

Because elites, morons and thieves have simply not worked!

The way I (and millions of others) feel about this country/system today, more jokes couldn’t possibly hurt!

Profit Up. Workers Down
The U.S. workforce has peaked in size and may never exceed 2006 levels – at least not for decades.
The Great Recession gives corporations carte blanche to fire people, to do more with less, to increase profit by dramatically increasing worker productivity through job consolidation and software automation.
Today, profitable American (domiciled) firms earn half or more of their profits overseas, selling directly into massive growth in Latin American and Asian demand.
What's left behind at home is essentially a "skeleton crew" of well off, neoliberal managers, lawyers and other professional elites serving hyper-competitive and maximally profitable firms, exploiting broken social and government institutions, pre-determining (corporate-state) politics and bemoaning the aging, under-educated, morbidly obese population they no longer wish to be taxed to support.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Case For American Nihilism

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” has been rendered subservient to corporate interests.

  • The U.S. ratio between individual and corporate taxes was formerly two or three to one.  Today it’s three or four to one and trending to five to one.
  • As a percentage of GDP, government revenues from U.S. corporate taxes have never been lower.
  • Corporations are hoarding literally trillions in cash on their balance sheets and in overseas tax havens.  Such “free cash flow” imbalances imply that firms are not paying sufficient shareholder dividends.  This renders corporate shares a casino for price appreciation, not a vehicle for steady, long term investment.

The “class war” is over.  At least ninety-seven percent of us lost.

  • The history of U.S. tax policy and recent social spending proposals shows an America comprised of two insoluble classes: those that matter (the rich) and those that don’t (working poor)!
  • Those that matter pay a lower percentage of income in taxes, especially Social Security, due to the annual cap on taxation above $106,800 (2011).  But benefits are not capped or means tested for wealthy individuals.  And future proposals, like those from Paul Ryan, pledge even lower rates (25%) for those most able to otherwise fund government services.
  • In coming decades, people that don’t matter will increasingly fend for themselves, even as the cost for multi-payer, corporate health care and insurance soars 6-9% annually.  Without corporate retirement benefits for healthcare, which most don’t have, the working poor can expect only a government voucher to only partly offset the exorbitant cost of sickness, aging and dying in America.

There is no “middle class” under capitalism.  The phrase was a myth to begin with.

  • Conspicuous consumption is a euphemism for debt (Americans on average  pay 15-24% of their income to service rotating and mortgage debt).
  • For the vast majority, work is little more than wage slavery.
  • Leisure was long ago subsumed by work/financial/family stress and existential unhappiness.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I wanted to be rich.

But I get shares of fascist corporations.

I crave youth.

But I’m getting older instead.

I need to be free.

But I was born American.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Three Prongs of Satan’s Pitchfork: the How-To behind neoliberal destruction of the middle class

  1. Legislate and sanctify poverty for working people.
    • Promote  a “greed is good” and “do unto others” agenda through media, news, advertising and corrupt legislation.
    • Always cut marginal taxes for the rich and inheriting classes (2010 Tax Relief act).
    • Increase fees on working people, engendering government disloyalty, through regressive “sales”, “consumption” and “value added” taxes.
  2. Bankrupt the government safety net in favor of Wall Street.
    • Slash government services, unions and employment to shrink growth and borrowing, regardless of voter trends favoring public services and protections like the “public option” for healthcare.
    • Like the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing”, enact policies to keep government bond yields artificially low, forcing investors (pension funds, insurers and individuals) away from government and municipal debt into stocks and corporate bonds, where more investment increases under regulated corporate size and power.
    • When corporate bubbles and Ponzi schemes collapse, as they invariably do, see that taxpayers, not Wall Street, foots the bill (TARP bailout and Dodd-Frank reform act).
  3. Privatize the few remaining -- “public trust” – services voters demand from government.
    • Replace public schools with “charter” schools.
    • Provide “tuition tax credits” as subsidies incentivizing parents to abandon public education.
    • Deregulate power utilities and discharge or undermine public service commissions.
    • Legislatively enshrine private insurance over lower cost, not-for-profit, “single payer” alternatives like Medicare. (Affordability act – a k a Obama Care)
    • Provide deep financial incentives to enrich providers, insurers and investors under the mostly private, for-profit healthcare system.  (Medicare Part D)
    • Ultimately “reform” Medicare by replacing it with a private, for-profit system.
    • Enslave workers under “employer provided” healthcare based on “fee for service” provisions that render U.S. healthcare 2x the cost of any other OECD nation.

So there you have it -- the neoliberal game plan.  That’s how it was (and is today) done to we, the people, that work for a living.

Only today there’s a problem with the agenda.  Working people are fed up with it!  Since 20 Million people have become unemployed in the United States, many are ignoring neocon rhetoric from the likes of Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin in in favor of thinking for themselves.

So maybe it’s finally time to send a message to America’s glorious uber rich and the “leaders” they bankroll.  Maybe something like this:

OK, uber rich, we know you think we’re all stupid down here, at the bottom, where your family hasn’t been for generations!  We know you’d rather we keep assuming that Wall Street bankers, hedge fund traders, Koch brothers, et al turned water into wine and lead into gold to get all that money.  We know you want us to believe we had nothing to do with it; that it was all done in a vacuum.

But the fact is you’re mostly just exploiting flaws in OUR great, otherwise highly functioning, collective, capitalist, division-of-labor system;  Flaws we’ve ignored for too long;  Flaws that undermine democracy and rule of law;  Flaws that put this country at risk for collapse and chaos if we let them continue. 

We know the only thing that keeps the Koch's and Bush'es in money is OUR willing participation (stopping on red and going on green…) under an opportunistic, but presently too flawed and rigged system.

Like it or not, this is OUR America too!  And after three decades of your failed "vampire squid" capitalism, it's time for reasonable people everywhere to take capitalism and America back from your false, hoarding premise -- that the course of human existence must be dictated solely by "unmitigated self interest."

No one lives in a vacuum!  Not even the meta rich.  And it’s high time you are reminded!

Friday, March 04, 2011

“Who Do You Hate?”

I have no sustaining desire to appeal to or "lead" anyone here (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  For here resides too many benefiting from the corrupt, unjust corporate-state: Fortune 500 employees, Federal government workers, wealthy retirees, etc.  Here, criticism and shame is what we deserve, not leadership.

So here I make it a point to challenge blitheness and condescension (of which I stand incorrigibly accused), because today in America, there are 100M (and growing) people that never use terms like "net neutrality", "hegemony", "portfolio" or "Citizens United."  If they are “lucky”, they work, usually for 40-50 years in maintenance, food service, etc., without benefits, then die alone, divorced and/or medicated in a public housing project or private nursing home somewhere – that is, if they obtain old age assistance under "new normal" austerity.

And the enduring shame I feel for this American failure -- of education, of businesses, of markets, of elitism... is sometimes literally too much to bear, even with medication, and so I vent, rather harmlessly.  Because "success" has rendered me frankly rather harmless to the system – as the possessor and leadership classes surely intended.

So this is to clarify that my sometimes abrasive online critiques are never against the 100M for being abandoned ("stupid", “misguided”, “morons”) by America, but rather they are against us, for having abandoned them, including as example, the obviously well intentioned elites that produced this trite and ridiculous “educational” cartoon.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Your Usury Becomes My Dividend Payments

I’m an arguably affluent investor.  And these tickers describe the kind of publicly traded stocks and funds I buy:
  • Communications: Q, VZ, HIT
  • Energy: PPL, APL, UTF, TRP
  • Non Cyclical Consumption: MO, SVU
  • Healthcare:  BMY, PFE. IYR
  • Banking/Finance: CIM, MFA
  • Insurance: PRU, HUM
I buy shares in amounts sufficient to generate dividend income to cover basic household expenses – i.e. gas, water, electric, cable, phone, internet, mobile.
I do so because, at age 49, I’ve come to understand certain realities about money:
  • Money can’t buy happiness!
  • Money is not to spend.  Materialism is a psychological and economic trap, except to address physical, social and cultural needs (food, shelter, communications, media).
  • Capital can collateralize greater liquidity (loans) if or when that’s needed (hopefully never).
  • Capital is a form of self-insurance that generally precludes paying corporations for insurance against catastrophic (Black Swan) events.
  • Basically money buys freedom.  At least a significant measure of freedom from neo fascism in the form of wage, fee and debt slavery under hegemonic, meta corporate capitalism.  Though, objectively, investing inflicts this slavery on others.
But until society changes; until humanity’s gaping existential consumption void is more widely understood and ameliorated, money represents one of scant few objective freedoms (free-will) there are.  (Another being psychology, mind liberation.  But that’s a non empirical pursuit forever prone to delusion.)
Alternatives to having and minimally spending money include:
  • Martyrdom: Hang on a Cross of physical and material deprivation as the “normal world scoffs and ridicules you.
  • Idealism: Tilt endlessly at myriad Windmills of social and economic injustice.
  • Normalcy: Embrace, or worse eroticize, capitalist subjugation through empty, consumptive acts, like high end shopping, gluttony and travel.
Like anyone reading this, I’ve struggled with pursuing all of the above at various times in varying degrees.
But what I don’t understand is how anyone could unapologetically celebrate consumerism amid the larger contradiction of global suffering and resource scarcity, and especially, repetitively vote (or not) essentially for more, more and more of the same?
Possible reasons include:
  • Bad religion?
  • Mis-education as regards money and finance skills?
  • Corrupt, “Wall Street” government and economic hegemony?
  • Bad teaching as regards classical, pseudo scientific, Voodoo economics?
Undoubtedly, our Broken Machine redounds from all of the above.
It isn’t just!  It’s just the way it is!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There Are No Triple Tops…

As they often do, ZeroHedge gets it right in my opinion.

Then I check a max duration S&P 500 chart (click "All" once the .INX chart renders).  And my Technical Analysis (TA) perspective sends ripples of acidic apprehension along my esophageal tract.

Isn’t .INX headed for another collapse, technically (as ZeroHedge ponders) when the S&P index fails to take out 1550 over the next couple of years?   The basic TA tenet being: "There are no triple tops!"

Moreover, today Ameritrade (my eBroker) announced a new debt issue from Goldman Sachs -- "negative outlook" 6% bonds with thirty year duration.  If my five percent CDs redeemed today, I would take that bet for 20-40% of the portfolio.  Just suspecting that during the next couple of years that inflation (er... I mean “GDP growth”) spurts may create ideal timing to lock-in relatively high, stable debt yields -- to hopefully ride out a 2-3 decade Japan/deflation/stagflation collapse scenario.  If less orderly, “The Ben Bernanke” free money sugar high collapse is going to get ugly, very ugly!

Then I check the headlines -- e.g. Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Egypt, Libya – and ask myself: “Will unemployed and average working people sit still for QE #9, for #27?  Will today dominant BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies, with lower per capita GDP, accept the inflation QE essentially guarantees?”  I know I don’t want to!  Already in the U.S., some 99ers are killing themselves…  The dichotomy and displacement QE is causing is gruesome!  Already it’s creating major social unrest.

Thus, as equity bears and economic critiques of meta corporate capitalism have surmised for at least a decade, hasn’t "peak everything" finally capped exploitation capitalism?  Has GDP pie, after swelling steadily since 1600 AD, exceeded its natural shelf life?  And who chases market alpha (price appreciation) under such a scenario?  The same too-big-to-fail banks and funds that created the housing collapse!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We, the Citizens of Earth…

We, the citizens of planet Earth, in order to secure a sustainable life for ourselves and our children, must repair and renew democracy and economics.  First, this requires removal of every dictatorship and politburo, then second the undoing and removal of  hyper-corrupt “representative” republican democracy, such as exists today in the United States of America.

There is no reason, for example, for any citizen to turn to media on a Sunday morning only to suffer the meaningless voices of the same tired, old, mostly white, mostly male elites who, having failed both humanity and democracy for decades, have never failed to line their pockets, again and again and again, even while supposedly “representing” the economic interests of average citizen voters in the United States of America.

Today, across the globe, “top down”  republics, unions, churches, schools and “democracies” have failed us.  Massive unemployment, poverty, disease, wealth dichotomy and environmental catastrophe reveal little more than an increasingly bleak, at best unstable future for all Earth's citizenry and diverse but ever diminishing species.

As demonstrated most recently by historic political upheaval in Egypt, those most responsible, those most highly compensated and empowered to “lead,” must be held accountable for failure, then disempowered.

Third and finally, Earth’s citizens should proceed to legally dismantle “too big to fail” corporations. 

Having been granted both “citizen” and “too-big-to-fail” status, meta-corporations constitute the primary catalyst to the rot undermining political, social and economic advancement of humankind and environment on this planet.  Somehow people must be reendowed with freedom from lifetimes of stifling economic subjugation to corporate interests, with little respite but to eroticize their slavery through meaningless, destructive acts of material consumption.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl XLV

When we watch innocents suffer, starve or die from our collective inability or unwillingness to provide financial resources, nourishment, education or essential medical care, then argue (as millions of “believers” seemingly do) that it's "God's Plan," (que sera sera...) we are not espousing an "opinion" on suffering so much as perpetrating a cruel hoax (an “organized religion” but certainly  not Christ's theology), while providing an empirically lame excuse for selfishness and abdication of social responsibility -- something the human race "once upon a time" knew as -- Guilt.

I mean, even if there is No God (see Nietzsche), it seems perfectly justifiable and correct, if success versus failure is any measure (as an engineer I believe in success), for human beings to contrive working, successful morality, "God" or no!

Thus I find myself at a loss to fully justify our newfound inability to feel actual, life changing, guilt any longer -- or arguably to feel much of anything, short of the basest, most obese, grunting, Freudian, genital, consumptive impulses.

Despite that modernity has devolved to an all-too-real "jungle," even for “rich” people (i.e. TARP, unemployment, poverty, collapse, unending psychological stress), surely there at least remains an argument for caring.  Yes, we are doomed.  But we have always been doomed!  It’s just that now, seemingly in my lifetime of merely forty-nine years, the difference is we just don’t give a fuck anymore!

Enjoy Superbowl XLV

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What WOULD It Take?

What would it take to convince ourselves that -- as we EAT too much, FUCK too much, BUY too much, and TRUST too much -- we are merely playing into the hands of Elites and a Pyramid (Ponzi) Scheme gradually and inexorably robbing Humanity of itself and Earth of Life itself.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Open Letter To Working America

The problem is not "the uber-rich." The problem is YOU!  The rich are merely doing what they have always done -- ripping the poor off.    But, unfortunately, because you have essentially zero savings/wealth, you have zero power over (e.g. to starve the profit making capacity of) the rich.

Because, when the rich become even vaguely concerned (e.g. 2008 election of Barack Obama) that their hegemony is being challenged, they cut jobs 10-20% (more if necessary) across the board.

Then, YOU panic (because unlike me) you cannot survive without a job, because frankly, far too many (millions) of you are “God fearing” breeders with hungry mouths to feed and $12.00 in your checking accounts.

Then, as always, "trickle down rules" are immediately ensconced by your government (i.e. "restructuring" Social Security), bailouts are legislated (e.g. TARP), etc. etc. etc.  (read Naomi Klein).  This is easily done because the richest Americans (and foreigners)  effectively "own" the U.S. government through unregulated political contributions (i.e. Citizens United) under any-but-public funded elections.

And so, we must accept that there is frankly nothing that you or I can do about any of this!  We, the working poor, are resigned to accept whatever "trickle down" detritus redounds from the anuses and urethrae of the rich.  And that is that.  (Though arguably my suffering – mostly intellectual suffering -- is physically more comfortable than yours.  At least so far.)

This (rich:poor) reality is less so in Europe, where government services and wealth redistribution typically consumes forty percent of GDP -- especially in France -- where workers immediately proceed to shut the country down, through powerful public unions and feisty vocal demonstrations if ever the rich so much as attempt this (distinctly American, maybe Chinese) level of inhumane and egregious theft from working people.

(I know what you're thinking now...)  But, unfortunately I cannot afford to move to France, New Zealand, Canada, etc. -- as the U.S. real estate collapse has trapped me here, and the U.S. dollar has depreciated so much (i.e. against New Zealand’s dollar) as to render emigration impossible practically.  Moreover, I am too old and too "well off" (applying typical “financial planner” calculus) in the U.S. to pragmatically "start over" in another country (Montana, my home, is “the poor man's Canada,” and Canada has much to offer: wheat, cattle, energy and clean water).

Thus I am as totally screwed as you, despite my having finally understood how America (government and capitalism) works – pitting one worker against another, until only the most brutal “will to power” types emerge atop the social/economic pyramid.   Though in some cases (David H. Koch) brutality (with vast wealth) is obviously an inherited trait (I do not support inheritance of any form).

So please take a moment to try and see this from my perspective – verifiably top ten percent in everything over the course of my life.  I am not stupid.  And my eyes are wide open.  I know (now) that in two hundred plus years there has never been anything in this country one could remotely construe as “good” capitalism or “good” government.  They just don’t exist.  There’s only survival and achievement or death and failure.  Just good choices or bad outcomes.  And while I’m very sorry about it a lot of the time, on some level, it really is Manichean, binary, transactional analysis that works best.  That’s why, in the final analysis, I worship just two things: good business and achievement (maybe that’s only one) – certainly over the sick, sad cult of (fake) self esteem brain cancer deluding hundreds of millions of Americans, even as our country degenerates to the point of failure and collapse.

Maybe this view makes me a fascist.  Maybe a nihilist.  But please don't misunderstand or question why I am so angry, mean-spirited and brutally honest (including with myself hopefully) about reality.

At least now, perhaps you know why.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Not enough sex/drugs – WAY too much rock and roll!

To sum it up: with all these GUNS around, shouldn’t we (at least) legalize prostitution and (all) drugs?

I mean, if these guys could just get a little more sex/buzz on… maybe their (our) lives would be a bit more palatable?

I suppose this is a bad time to recommend RGR on a bounce?


“Happiness Is a Warm Gun” –The Beatles

“Love Gun” –KISS

“Guns of Brixton” –The Clash

So… let’s take a moment to reflect…

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Then we can all go back to screaming, plotting, exploiting, corrupting and killing each other!

Happy New Year!