We, the Citizens of Earth…

We, the citizens of planet Earth, in order to secure a sustainable life for ourselves and our children, must repair and renew democracy and economics.  First, this requires removal of every dictatorship and politburo, then second the undoing and removal of  hyper-corrupt “representative” republican democracy, such as exists today in the United States of America.

There is no reason, for example, for any citizen to turn to media on a Sunday morning only to suffer the meaningless voices of the same tired, old, mostly white, mostly male elites who, having failed both humanity and democracy for decades, have never failed to line their pockets, again and again and again, even while supposedly “representing” the economic interests of average citizen voters in the United States of America.

Today, across the globe, “top down”  republics, unions, churches, schools and “democracies” have failed us.  Massive unemployment, poverty, disease, wealth dichotomy and environmental catastrophe reveal little more than an increasingly bleak, at best unstable future for all Earth's citizenry and diverse but ever diminishing species.

As demonstrated most recently by historic political upheaval in Egypt, those most responsible, those most highly compensated and empowered to “lead,” must be held accountable for failure, then disempowered.

Third and finally, Earth’s citizens should proceed to legally dismantle “too big to fail” corporations. 

Having been granted both “citizen” and “too-big-to-fail” status, meta-corporations constitute the primary catalyst to the rot undermining political, social and economic advancement of humankind and environment on this planet.  Somehow people must be reendowed with freedom from lifetimes of stifling economic subjugation to corporate interests, with little respite but to eroticize their slavery through meaningless, destructive acts of material consumption.