Superbowl XLV

When we watch innocents suffer, starve or die from our collective inability or unwillingness to provide financial resources, nourishment, education or essential medical care, then argue (as millions of “believers” seemingly do) that it's "God's Plan," (que sera sera...) we are not espousing an "opinion" on suffering so much as perpetrating a cruel hoax (an “organized religion” but certainly  not Christ's theology), while providing an empirically lame excuse for selfishness and abdication of social responsibility -- something the human race "once upon a time" knew as -- Guilt.

I mean, even if there is No God (see Nietzsche), it seems perfectly justifiable and correct, if success versus failure is any measure (as an engineer I believe in success), for human beings to contrive working, successful morality, "God" or no!

Thus I find myself at a loss to fully justify our newfound inability to feel actual, life changing, guilt any longer -- or arguably to feel much of anything, short of the basest, most obese, grunting, Freudian, genital, consumptive impulses.

Despite that modernity has devolved to an all-too-real "jungle," even for “rich” people (i.e. TARP, unemployment, poverty, collapse, unending psychological stress), surely there at least remains an argument for caring.  Yes, we are doomed.  But we have always been doomed!  It’s just that now, seemingly in my lifetime of merely forty-nine years, the difference is we just don’t give a fuck anymore!

Enjoy Superbowl XLV