Saturday, April 15, 2006

Global Warming National Park

My wife got very angry with me last night. We were watching a Real Time viewers' choice repeat and round table guest Eric Dyson made this comment about "I have to give it to the Republicans... they're like this prize fighter, who, when he sees that gash on your forehead, says... Hey, I gotta rip that open to win..."

And, to me, this is the completely wrong way to live your life. I mean, HELLO, but barbarism is how we got here, folks: war, greed, corruption, George Bush... So I got very angry and started shouting at the TV (again) about how sick the life is a sport metaphor really is and how it's better to lose for the right reasons than win for the wrong ones... and the next thing you know, she stormed out of the house...

But the very thing I admire about (the best) Democrats is that they don't get it when it comes to winning at all costs. Winning at all costs means people like Jon get euthenized. Winning at all costs means Africa starves forever. Winnning at all costs means you fill up your gas tank for under $50 when it should (if the true impact were remotely considered) cost well over $100.

Winning at all costs means Hillary Clinton (Iraq, Patriot Act) gets elected President when this planet desperately needs Russ Feingold or perhaps even Al Gore, who seems finally to have learned to deliver a competent speech.

Let's face it, once Glacier National Park has no glaciers, when the sewage is mountainous, and the sky is on fire, then winning won't be the only thing; it will only be the stupid thing!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A National Referendum on FAILURE

It's coming in November, with primaries heating up already.

If you want MORE then keep voting Republican. (Maybe Jesus will turn things around if you just pray a little harder...)

But if you want rational, human solutions to obvious human problems, then vote for the opposition.

The sky is on fire. The status quo is the reason. America's leaders must be chosen wisely. And this is what happens when they are not.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If your house was on fire...

You'd put it out. But the SKY is on fire and we do nothing.

So if there is one thing I can do, it is to resist your attempts to render ecumenical judgement based on John The Baptist's vision of Armageddon.

Faith is faith and knowledge is knowledge. It is only when the former prevents children from learning how cells work; how to place more transistors on silicon wafers; or how to make automobiles run on water or sunlight that I must take exception.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday morning coming down...

This Week and Face The Nation were as lame as Meet The Press was great. Russert gave McCain exactly what he deserves. Sellout. Sellout. Sellout. No one gets elected in America with just the 33% moral majority whacko vote, John. So let us hope soccer mom's don't vote for prostitutes.

But there was one kernel of wisdom on Face The Nation, when Bob Schieffer closed by saying -- in response to NASA's latest piper to colonize the Moon and "terra-form" Mars with greenhouse gasses -- that it's probably a good thing we don't "...have to go to the moon, because at this rate (Iraq and Katrina) I wonder if we even could any more."

So take out another home equity loan, America, because I think right now the only thing stopping China, Russia and Iran from ganging up on us is the sheer amount of money we owe...

Take me driving in the car...

Take me driving in the car, Daddy, take me driving in the car. Before the Sky catches on fire, Daddy, take me driving in the car.

Tell me about the Snow, Daddy, tell me about the snow. Before the snow was all manmade, driving in the car.

Show me all the Trees, Daddy, show me all the trees. Put in the DVD with trees, driving in the car.

Sing about the fish, Daddy, sing about the fish. Put in the DVD with fish, driving in the car.

Drive me to the Church, Daddy, drive me to the church. I wonder what car Jesus drives(?), driving to the church.

Drive me to the School, Daddy, drive me to the school, we must preserve the status quo, so drive me to the school.

Drive me to the Mall, Daddy, drive me to the mall. TV says we must consume, Daddy, drive me to the mall.

Drive me to a Bar, Daddy, drive me to a bar. You'll have a brief lobotomy, driving from the bar.

Drive me to the Pharmacy, Daddy, drive me to the pharmacy. I'm medicated from the truth, driving from the pharmacy.

Drive me to the Restaurant, Daddy, drive me to the restaurant. I'm not so fat I need a Scooter chair, so drive me to the restaurant.

Drive me to the War, Daddy, drive me to the war. Our SUV needs a lot of oil, so drive me to the war.

Drive me to the Grave, Daddy, drive me to my grave. They drive us in and drive us out, driving to the grave...