Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Was There Ever Really Enough Bug Spray?

There’s never just one cockroach...  But there used to be enough bug spray.

Every day almost now I ask myself: Why not just use the modicum of bug spray I still have left on myself?   In the end, it’s the thought of my self-extermination enabling one molecule of improvement for the 7 Billion that keeps me coming back, tomorrow, for more.  It’s really The First Rule of Capitalism: the only good moron is a poor one (and thus I have my reason to live).

Saturday, November 16, 2013


These are fine, incremental ideas, professor Wolff, but still not good enough, not for a world beyond reform…

Because Socialism is not "democracy."
Socialism is when the best and brightest consciously decide to work hardest and die first. 
Democracy is when billions of average people all vote for the same seat on the same lifeboat…

And this is why democracy has failed. Why democracy is today incapable of social metamorphosis or even degrees of renewal. Why democracy has devolved to electing Prom Royalty, like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or even Elizabeth Warren.

Because no one ever votes for Socialism, in the same way that no one ever voted for Jesus of Nazareth, Sigmund Freud or Charlie Parker...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

“Retirement” (of a dream)

Has anyone considered that the real reason for the present "great recession" is simply that The Baby Boom wants off this ruined/broken/failed (take your pick) planet with a minimum of (old age) fussing?

Think About It: the reality of 2-3 BILLION people (U.S. + China + Europe + Japan + Malaysia + Taiwan + Korea + Singapore +...) all converting to (interest necessitating) "pension” or “retirement" lifestyles at once...

In short: "retirement"--and the overpopulation/resource-scarcity driving the concept as a new normal necessity--is now a main reason the "economy" has changed and will remain changed for many years (maybe half a century or more, assuming "old (unproductive) people" are even physically sustainable after a few more decades of this…)

Saturday, November 09, 2013

… because

Because we are all the magical pieces of a giant pile of garbage.