“Who Do You Hate?”

I have no sustaining desire to appeal to or "lead" anyone here (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  For here resides too many benefiting from the corrupt, unjust corporate-state: Fortune 500 employees, Federal government workers, wealthy retirees, etc.  Here, criticism and shame is what we deserve, not leadership.

So here I make it a point to challenge blitheness and condescension (of which I stand incorrigibly accused), because today in America, there are 100M (and growing) people that never use terms like "net neutrality", "hegemony", "portfolio" or "Citizens United."  If they are “lucky”, they work, usually for 40-50 years in maintenance, food service, etc., without benefits, then die alone, divorced and/or medicated in a public housing project or private nursing home somewhere – that is, if they obtain old age assistance under "new normal" austerity.

And the enduring shame I feel for this American failure -- of education, of businesses, of markets, of elitism... is sometimes literally too much to bear, even with medication, and so I vent, rather harmlessly.  Because "success" has rendered me frankly rather harmless to the system – as the possessor and leadership classes surely intended.

So this is to clarify that my sometimes abrasive online critiques are never against the 100M for being abandoned ("stupid", “misguided”, “morons”) by America, but rather they are against us, for having abandoned them, including as example, the obviously well intentioned elites that produced this trite and ridiculous “educational” cartoon.