Death of Caesar?

Is it over? Is it finally, really over?

The NY Times photos are astounding. If the Pentagon won’t let them show the caskets, then they’re going to show the funerals. Click on the Mournful Month photo essay and I defy you not to feel really bad and really angry about the direction of your country.

I watched Joe Scarborough on MSNBC tonight (former Republican Congressman from Florida) and it was just amazing. It seems to me that no one is missing an opportunity to shove the dagger in now. It’s like watching Julius Caesar being gutted on the Senate steps in Rome – a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. 101 Americans dead this month alone – the most in over two years. Scarborough had these pictures of the Shrub standing behind the podium smirking, contrasted with the Times pictures from the funerals. The looks in the little kids faces. The lost and forlorn eyes of the sisters and wives and moms and dads… even the troops in the honor guard look conflicted and disheartened.

In these last days, this election has quickly become, literally, a referendum on America’s soul – and I feel that we may finally be realizing that a vote for George Bush (and the Republican hegemony) is a vote for the Devil himself; a vote for Death; a vote for Corruption and Incompetence at every level; a vote for every dark, evil and vile thing that America can be – a vote to snuff out every bright and shining thing that humankind aspires to.

And no one in history has ever deserved this turn more than him and them.

May Justice be done.