POY: TIME got it right this year.

TIME magazine recently announced its annual Person Of the Year. Surprise! It's you, I, me, we.

And despite the fact I'm talking about a mass media corporation, this time TIME got it right -- even if it's not sure exactly why.

For this was the year of net neutrality. And so, expanding on that theme, let this year mark the end of ism and the rise of ize. The end of status quo, hegemony nouns and the rise of decentralizing, anarchistic verbs.

Terrorism, elitism, nationalism, globalism, institutionalism: these ism nouns exhibit one common principle -- banding together to exploit and marginalize others -- the historic ability of the powerful, the status quo to perpetuate unfairness in the face of all rational opposition.

But for once, this was a year of we and not of us versus them.

This year:

We are finally united in opposition to the immorality and failure of the Iraq War.

We are against the blatant corruption of our governments, corporations and the status quo in general.

We want a rational energy policy that can support a sustainable world.

We believe that open source Linux, not proprietary, malware hosting, corporate symobolizing Windows, represents the future of computing.

We believe that the most important human ideal, as America's founding fathers stated so eloquently more than 200 years ago, is the right of every human being on this planet to pursue her destiny unencumbered by superstition, manipulation, misinformation, lies, or violence.

We believe that a world where the only choice the powerless have is murder-suicide is a world destined to end in a mushroom cloud. Life with fairness or death through hegemony is not a choice. We choose life!

So here's to you TIME, and here's to us, to we. May we continue to realize, incentivize, democratize, self-actualize, and most importantly decentralize power and hegemony on this planet, for the benefit of all and not just a few.

They are the past but we are the future.

Power to the people!