The Sewer

George Bush makes the Devil look clean.

George Bush is the most vile, putrid, pile of puke that has ever congealed in the White House.

George Bush makes me want to gut people out on the side of the highway.  To cut people up and pee on them as they lay drowning in their own blood, like a Blackwater Stallion!

George Bush is evil incarnate.  In the way that the evil is incarnate.  In the way that America is an evil, rotting empire that would kill anyone, any time, anywhere to preserve its Fascist ideals of hegemony, Capitalist exploitation and eternal consumption.

George Bush is The Sewer and The Sewer is America.  And only a dead, jaundiced, Alzheimer's diseased country like America could elect George Bush twice.

For this crime there can never be forgiveness.

God Damn America!