God Dammit!

XOM is headed for $70. It's inevitable.
All investment gains eeked out this year are wiped out. I timed back in to NBGEX based on the "bull signal" from the week before last and then went to Maine on business and stopped watching for two days and got killed. Absolutely killed.
The USA is a POS! Stick a fork in its ass and turn it over. It's done.
George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Alan Greenspan deserve nothing short of public execution! These contemptuous pukes have single handedly prevented me or anyone else from EVER making any real money in this POS country.

And now for today's... headlines:
1. There will be no retirement!
2. There will be no future!
3. The younger you are today, the WORSE it will be for you!

But then I guess I should be thankful that I am (barely) in the "baby boom." So I guess I got lucky enough in birth to at least exist on the safer, most status-quo side of the pathetic demographic.

But the very idea of living through 40 more years of this fucking SHIT... I honestly question whether I can take it.

You see, all my life I have suffered from a "superiority complex."

Somehow I grew up to believe that it's not enough to work at Walmart or Applebees or "ChinaRus" (or whatever amoral, blood-sucking, cancer-inducing, George-Bush-annointed corporation ends up owning this pathetic, bloodless, Jesus-Freak country).

So call me sick. Call me angry. Call me a punk.
All counts.
Simply drawing breath along with every other asthmatic, diabetic, 400 pound, coach travelling excuse for a human being is simply not enough for me.

Or is it?

Because so far I can't seem to put a gun to my head... To exhibit the courage of one Curt Cobain... Of one Jesus of Nazareth.

So just call me Courtney Love -- your next contestant on Survival of the Most Disgusting!

Oh to own "the button" they way Bush and Greenspan do... Maybe I'd feel better knowing I was at least taking everyone else down with me!
Todd Ryder 6/26/2005