Heaven Spits on George Bush's America...

When was the last time the wrath of God smacked down the South HARD! Not one, not two, but THREE years in a row?

That's right, folks. GOD HATES GEORGE BUSH -- especially his Intelligent Design, voting-for-tax cuts-they'll-never-get, Katrina backwash enema, Supefund toxic waste dump, deep, deep SOUTH.

Thanks George! Thanks for $4.00/gallon gasoline. Thanks for all those new "army of one" jobs fighting your pack-of-lies war. Never mind the missing legs and blown off baby's faces. It's a job, man, -- a GEORGE BUSH job -- making the world safer for Halliburton!

Welcome to Armageddon!
But just don't say I never told you so!
Todd Ryder