What about FAILURE don't you understand?

Grandpa War, Commander and Chief of the Iraq War, just what about the word failure don't you understand?

Don't you understand that America is fed up with being led by half-cretins with southern accents.  Because America finally understands that having the United States run by the same, evolution doubting, inbred Southern whites I hoped to compete against for university admission is not a good idea!

Grandpa War, don't you understand that America is fed up with BIG OIL and BIG OIL REPUBLICANS -- spouting more and more bullshit like "We need more offshore drilling. We need to drill for oil in Yellowstone Park.  We need to drill for oil in your front and back yards.  We need to drill for oil in your children's foreheads.


Americans are not as stupid as you think, Grandpa War.  We can all pretty much see that Big Oil doesn't want to drill -- it wants to own.  But Big Oil doesn't own any oil.  Norway does.  Russia does.  Canada does.  Venezuela does.  Iran does.  Iraq does.  Saudi Arabia does.  But Big Oil doesn't -- but it desperately wants to. 

Grandpa War, we can see now that Big Oil only wants more, perpetual leases -- so it can sit on them indefinitely -- until oil is $250.00 or $500.00 a barrel.  Then, Grandpa War, Big Oil will claim it needs more leases, more tax cuts, more subsidies...  In short, Grandpa, BIG OIL REPUBLICAN GREED just never ends!  And America has finally figured out that BIG OIL REPUBLICAN interests are not in America's best interest.

Don't you understand, Grandpa War, that Republicans have mostly controlled the Presidency for 40 years?!  How many more chances to fix this do you deserve?