Fuck You Grandpa War

Grandpa War, you ugly, old, pot-bellied, infected, cancerous, $300M cuckold. 

What the fuck would you know about change(?) -- when you've done nothing but suck the tit of the STATUS QUO for 72 years. 

You lying, evil fucking pig!

Grandpa War, you war-mongering, shriveled, old, idiot-Bush, offshore-drilling, senior-citizen, Socialism-for-the-Rich, Capitalism-for-Everyone-Else, dissipated, dissipative, hurry-up-and-run-this-planet-into-the-ground-before-I-die fucking pig. 

What the fuck would you know about anything -- except RUIN?

RUIN -- that is your Reagan-Bush-Pig legacy!  And now it's time for you to get down on your knees and suck on it!

You and your fucking Republican pigs have ruined this planet.  Ruined this country.  Ruined every living and dead thing.

You are EVIL.  You are CORRUPTION.  You are DEATH.  You are DISSIPATION.  And you are RUIN.

You wouldn't know change if it was shot up your catheter on the end of a silver bullet you fucking Bush-Pig!

And I pray to God that one day soon you filthy, lying pigs will know that EVEN THE STUPID, DELUDED, MIS-EDUCATED AND DEFECTIVE ARE CAPABLE OF WISING UP!