After Eight Years...

In tonight's debate, after ceding the first 30 minutes to McCain on taxes and spending (earmarks),  Obama finally got up off the canvas on Iraq.

But what I do not understand, is how Obama lets McCain get away with the whole concept of Bushonomics in the first place.

My response, had I been up on that stage, would have been something like this: "My God, John, if your policy of rewarding those that don't need it with more and more tax cuts, with greater and greater capital gains profits, with more and more and more and more... IF THOSE POLICES COULD EVER BENEFIT A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, THEN MY GOD SIR, WOULDN'T THEY HAVE DONE SO BY NOW!?  AFTER EIGHT YEARS, JOHN, WOULDN'T THEY HAVE DONE SO BY NOW!?  Shame on you, John McCain, shame on you!"