Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated?


Suffice it to say, my PHK trade is off...

I got out with a too-small position, but a lovely 20% gain on it! 

No matter what shenanigans Wall Street pulls, they cannot keep me (and moneyscraper) from at least breaking even.  Break even is about as bad as it ever gets for me.  That rule having held for a decade or so now.

But, if America had any real upside potential, well, then we might really have something to talk about! 

But, unfortunately I (nor you) have AIG’s (or Wall Street or Washington's) license to steal.  In other words, unfortunately, Bush syndrome -- “hey, let’s put the least competent, least moral people in charge… then see what happens” – simply does not apply for 99% of us.

And anyone that cannot see this (“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated”) reality is an even bigger chump than they already know you are!