Happiness is a Warm Gun, Momma

I am not tall enough.

I am not rich enough.

I own my own home and just got promoted at work, but I cannot get laid.

I cannot get loved.

I am over 40, white, male, barely middle class and predisposed to vote Republican -- forever!

Those goddamn Europeans…  Those goddamn Dutch, Danes, Norwegians, Fins, Swedes and Germans – with their goddamn “free” wellness, their goddamn “be average,” healthy societies, their goddamn “love” for Obama, their goddamn “safety net” and their goddamn “gun control” – it is not for me – and I would rather die than see the mediocrity of altruism, of humanism, of happiness descend upon The United States of America!

I am George Sodini, 48, of Scott Township, a Pittsburgh suburb.  I am Mr. Anonymous America.  I love porno, Talk Radio and blogging about my seething hatred and rage!

But most of all… I love GUNS!   Guns and REVENGE!