What a wonderful world it could be…


Yes, Paul, it's all China's fault!

A short sighted, Wall Street, "take the money and run" corporatist economic policy that exported jobs and narrowly "repatriated" profits for the better part of 20 years -- China's fault!

A corporate owned (er... I mean "lobbied") government that marginally appeases human suffering from economic displacement and inequity through borrowing rather than (God forbid) taxing excessive profits -- China's fault!

Not allowing the average American worker's life savings to halve in value (yet again), as Wall Street and Washington require, to pull off the greatest monetization (er... I mean "securitization") scheme in the history of mankind -- China's fault!

Chickens, coming home to roost -- all China's fault!

Yes, if the Chinese would just swallow their worthless crap dollars and let us get on to printing ever more...  Everyone could be happy again!  The Dow could be 30,000.  Detroit executives could return to the skies in their corporate jets.  “Low end” New York apartments could exceed $4000 per month.  Bernie could get out of jail.

What a wonderful world it could be...