Haiti and the Domino Theory of Caribbean and Latin American Trust Fund Capitalist “Democracies”

Haiti is a failure because America’s (trust fund capitalist democratic) model is a failure – for every nation but ours – or those, like ours, possessing vast natural resources (wealth) and relatively small human populations.

In short, I really wish that someone would write “An Economist’s History of the United States.”  Then, like Zinn’s masterpiece, which exposes US labor hypocrisy, American economic hypocrisy could be exposed for what it is – not a divine, deserved, economic reward for God’s Chosen People, but simply good, old fashioned luck.  In short, listening to self-descriptions of American economic superiority is equivalent to a trust-fund baby (Donald Trump or George W. Bush for example) describing its economic acumen on a TV show right before it says “you’re fired…”  In other words, if Haiti could simply awaken to find milk and honey (resources) dripping down its leg -- as our White, religious extremist forefathers obviously did on this continent -- then it too could become an “American economic miracle!”

Thus, Haiti, like much of Latin America  (until recently)  remains a “welfare queen” state – arguably because (former?) resource rich nations like the US obviously like/need it that way strategically.  Because God Forbid Haiti awakens one day and realizes, as did Castro’s Cuba or Somoza’s Nicaragua, that it’s one thing being poor and eating dirt sandwiches, but quite another being poor, eating dirt sandwiches and remaining forever a de facto “welfare colony of the Americas”, complete with corrupt government and self-limiting culture, sustained only by the (borrowed from Deng Xiaoping’s China) economic largesse of an arrogant, obese, Trust-Fund-Baby-in-decline “empire.”