Too Pig To Succeed

In 2008, history proved that only plutocrats (e.g. Goldman Sachs, Exxon, AIG, etc.) benefit from Shock Doctrine, Reagan inspired, deregulation, whereas larger society benefits more under common sense, socially oriented philosophy and policy.

For example, contrast America's last 30 years with the same period in Germany, a generally impeccably State managed economy, that today exhibits lower unemployment and poverty (even after unification) than the U.S.

Such “quality of life” comparisons seem clearly to indicate that generally a "regulated utility" model for capitalism -- while occasionally restricting peak (A K A "boom and bust") growth -- in the long run yields more stable, shared, democratic progress and prosperity, as exemplified by the U.S. “baby boom” following World War II (and prior to 1974) when labor and social justice movements were far stronger.  (Not coincidentally, that era seemingly represents the “golden age” prevalent in the films of Michael Moore.)

Thus America should learn from recent political mistakes and never again substitute charisma and popularity (Reagan, Bush, Palin) for intelligence and common sense, because "market only" Republican philosophy has today robbed us of essential, but very fragile, human ideals like conscience, morality and sanctity.

As humans, we owe ourselves MORE than slavery to market economics.