Half-Assed Moralist Musing #8,975,624,312

Capitalism has no place for a middle class.  The last 50 "golden years" in this country was an accident of both war and nature.

Thus the (frankly ignorant) "middle class" was never more than a legislated "taking" from the capitalist financed, technocrat led cabal gradually dissipating an otherwise perfectly balanced, perpetually life sustaining planet.

Marx was right – You’d have to kill them all first to really "change" anything.

But Orwell was right too, the winners would -- immediately -- become "them."

Thus, total human annihilation is the only objective answer.  And if there is a God, Heaven, etc. – then death is obviously worthy of anticipation.  Otherwise, human existence is simply narcissism -- striving, earnest, mostly well intentioned -- but narcissism all the same.