Let's face it kids.  The (as seen on TV) shit-fake world is crumbling before our very eyes…

Now, I know your parents told you it was real, just like Jesus, but it's not.  And it NEVER was.

The only difference is that NOW, the truth can no longer be hidden, glossed over or diverted from view.  Like Chris Hayes said this morning on MSNBC, "Things haven't really worsened in Gary, Indiana...  It was this bad 10 years ago.  It was bad 20 years ago.  And it's this bad now."

Only now it's bad for everyone.  For millions of fake teachers, fake preachers, fake, self appointed, "leaders" and fake moral paragons of virtue.

But frankly, this Dickensian state seems only fair to me.  No more lies.  No more everyday theft in the form of taxes, fees and overcharges.  Soon enough, there will be no more “airs” left to put on.  No more "legitimate choices" we just have to make--or ELSE.

It's all over now.  WE’RE FREE!  And when darkness finally engulfs, exactly as we deserve, we may finally proffer the rarest of all human traits -- HUMILITY.