Goodbye Lenin

Once upon a time, a cadre of charming and noble intellectuals chose communism for Russia.

While in America (another land with essentially infinite natural resources), lazy, oversexed people chose capitalism, apparently because they wanted winner-take-all, junk food and continuous streaming pornography.

For a time, capitalism far outran every other system, putting its alternatives essentially “Out Of Business”—in the same way that blind technology and unhindered desire often outstrips reason and sustainability. (Marx predicted this).

But eventually, every American family except (if you stretch the numbers) perhaps 5 or 10 percent, went bankrupt--trying to impress its “middle class” neighbors--who were also faking it.

Meanwhile, American banks and hedge-funds raped, rigged then crashed financial institutions so many times, over so many decades, that, worldwide, governments went insolvent bailing them out, cutting rich people’s taxes and placating everyone else with myriad forms of unfunded Welfare—all at the expense of any possible future.

Whereas China (with advice from Nixon and Kissinger) settled on a “hybrid” approach: “command capitalism” with junk food and “smart” phones, for all--but zero political/intellectual freedom, because a century of observation convinced the Chinese that most people are too stupid for political/intellectual freedom.  They’ll only fuck it up!

And maybe that’s how China (and fascism in general—see Romney+Ryan) wins in the end?  Because fascism harbors the fewest illusions about the vast majority of people…

The End?
(At least until the Earth dies, which is The Real End),_Lenin!