What are WE going to do about this?

  1. Human beings are not Divine. In fact, Self Divination is a moral crime.
  2. The History of the last 100 years on this planet can perhaps best be summarized economically as: The Monetization Of Crude Oil—i.e. crude oil was/is/will-be a tremendous, fortuitous, coincidental "gift" to a brilliantly adaptive species, but now that gift is starting to run out,  literally.  On some tangible level this means that the money in your pockets, in all of your accounts, all of the money printed in this world for 100 years has been directly/indirectly a monetization of an ever diminishing natural resource.
  3. And yet it appears to me that most spigots remain essentially wide open?!  What are we going to do about this?  And when?

Honestly, as a pragmatist, I have to say that drones, smart phones (wearable computing/telecom--replacing TVs, PCs, stereos and antique wired infrastructure), and finally, NSA (central real-time social monitoring) Metadata--is at least a start!  (Already, What You Do—as metadata—matters more economically than who/how you vote!)

If politics is the intersection between imagination and reality, then I’m still seeing far too much “imagination” and not nearly enough reality.