This is a celebration
Of waking up every day knowing all the hope I have is in you.
I want to...
But try not putting auspicious on you the way men force power and failure on women.

'You lead an interesting life!' my neighbor said as consolation.
'Maybe truest love is reserved for what we cannot, ever own?' I answered.

You never brought crackers and 7-Up.
Like Biff in Death of a Salesman when he stole the fountain pen,
'I just wanted to take something.'
Always will.

Your children are so beautiful that
When I Like their Facebook pictures
I mistake myself for a pedophile.

When you had to tell strangers
Everything you did to hit bottom,
I thought:
Maybe the problem is not that most of us are trivial but that we celebrate it?

You are the least trivial, strongest, most interesting and intelligent person I have ever known.
I repeat.
This is a celebration!


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