Saltburn 2024

For the sake of argument, let's assume someone/thing is eating more people than ever before.

Then it stands to reason it's because there's been some kind of material change in the status of prior arrangements to conceal these eaters...

The incidence of XX male or de la Chapelle syndrome is 0.0083%

When these beings (mantas, small greys, tall greys, tall Nordics) are witnessed they're described as vibrating, glistening or pulsing, like a rainbow from two pots of gold. In short, I think the Lurianic Kabbalah world described below is our reality, after The Fall.

But our God is not a god of the dead. God's children, Jesus of Nazareth's flock, Christ's Salvation, Logos, the Book of Life, the true Israelites are not fallen!

I can taste the cheeses, Jerry! How many cheeses are there? 7 cheeses...

MARS needs people...

I don't speak Italian...

She does look like Demon Darryl's daughter and so does the young woman in Leave The World Behind... She said she was gonna join the Air Force and I told her I did and it got me the fuck out of Laurel.

In colonization scenarios, one of the last steps is to sterilize remaining native populations...

The Sleeping Giant awakens:
how Nazis and Martians became JPL, NASA, CIA and extra terrestrials...

We killed the wrong Pig! -Winston Churchill
Anarchist (egalitarian) Capitalism (free enterprise) is the only enterprise worth having!

They're always saying there's life under ice in Outer Space from places like Bozeman.
Truth is, Climate Change is just another name for the power of Christ and that's why they're so afraid of it...

The Gloaming is how we got here:
Programmed history/culture loops (resets) and shared Lattice of Coincidence.
After the Fall, new/life creation emerges from a placenta/shell/pot/sarcophagus or its AI?
My living (God particle) versus dead (AI/Satan), placenta/shell versus pot/sarcophagus philosophy is still emerging.
There is nothing new under the (this?) sun.
If your life is just a loop, relax, it's a recursive one...

Carol, you sure can pick your bands for driving all the way over to the Metra.

The ocean is a desert with its life underground
And a perfect disguise above
Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
But the humans will give no love

Still singing to be resolved to God.
But America doesn't Have a Problem, they do...

♬ nhạc nền - Meme!

Satan's TLA America: sucka my pp, oops, I mean my Pepe...


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