1962-2024 Presence

ימינך ה' נאדרי בכח, ימינך ה' תרעץ אויב

Your right hand, Hashem, is adorned with strength; Your right hand, Hashem, smashes the enemy. -The Zohar

the Lord comes with 10,000 of his holy ones... 1 Enoch

And other celestial anomolies...

People are hearing machine sounds...

JayDreamerZ is a very enlightened and dedicated researcher, speculator, maybe prophet.
1st rule of new civilization: If they say Surprise Surprise Surprise! You say: Enoch told us.

She had a daughter name of Car-o-lin-a. I said which one? She said both. -Donald J. Trump

Mr. Snuffleupagus loves you...
Don't know about the other guy though?
13th line tattooed on my forehead in this town...
There's a guy a block over with a dragon statue.
But if it wasn't for me, this one would have no history at all.

Ooh, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now.
I been kicking it since 1936, I mean 1966, now...
Me and fancy Nancy at the drive-in...
You guys are killing me...
I said no when my perky little babysitter had the whole house to herself! I was only 16.
I have never been knocked out in a bar fight.

There was an emanation on the shore between heaven and earth that day. It was Leota's youngest, Andy Beartusk Martinez, because he is with us... He is under our protection and has been at least since that day by a stairwell in 2017. We command 10,000 of the ones they stole their black fate from. If they harm one hair of his precious head, they will die as he is exalted. Silly boy knowing Inktomi and Jesus are the same, suffer You to come unto me. Make the world know his mother betrayed our covenant offered in love. Show them love is an infinite well. An egg that makes 7 children like the beams you painted for us that day. Forward in time. Backward in spirit. We make things happen when we're alone.

Amor Fati
Nothing is in the Truth; everything is in the Method [intention] -Heiner Müller

Because that little baby girl isn't me. Am I coming out of Left field?

Am I coming out of Left field?
He lives under a waterfall
And nobody can see him
Nobody can ever him call?
If we don't call, they only do it there...

The greatest feeling in the world must be to sign a contract not to say something, then find a way to say it even better, like Inktomi does...

101 to 17 delegates
Bye, Bye, Nikki

You could spend your whole life on some level feeling gated into reality.
Or you could wake up one day and reject reality and see only enemies.
Or you could wake up, breathe, and do better.
Things have a way of coming to a head.