Hey, Droopy, the sad, tired, old neo-clown...

What about NO CONFIDENCE don't you understand?

Did anyone see Droopy, the Sad, Tired, Old, Neo-clown (John McCain) on Meet The Press this morning?

Well I did. And the only option that occurred to me at this point is that our legislative branch must pass a binding resolution that Bush, Cheney and McCain must die -- natural causes is fine -- I'm no murderer.  Clearly that is the only answer realistically at this point to represent the will of the vast majority of the American people and of the human race.

The other choice is incarceration.  I know I'm oversimplifying, but the Enron/WorldCom analogy seems quite appropriate here:  the stock is ZERO, the coffers are BANKRUPT and the only thing left, for the decadent and corrupt clowns that did it to us, seems to be jail or death. After all, it worked for Bernie Ebbers and Ken Lay... I don't have to watch them on TV any more!

To loosely paraphrase Ted Kennedy, this [Iraq] policy of denial, built on a foundation of failure and lies, must end!  IMO, no cost is too high and no penalty is too severe.  Such is the extent of the fiasco.

Finally, IMO, anyone that cannot understand at this point in human history that Islamic Jihad is simply the hideous, but unifying, mask behind which the hopelessly desperate, but otherwise noble, forces raging against imperialism on this planet is: a.) irrational or b.) insane.

In short, this road leads to anarchy. And so, it seems, anarchy it shall be.