The Vampire Age

This is the Vampire Age.

And what do I mean by that?

I mean that ours is a world where 70% of the human population cannot read and a small percentage of the human remainder retains control, through force, technology and ideology.

For fifty years, the United States has worshipped at the altar of the diseased I've got mine... gospel, preached by likes of Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Bill O'Reilly and George Walker Bush.  And now we must finally ask ourselves, to what glorious end?   Vain-glorious.

Today, women younger than I inject botulism toxin into their faces to hide wrinkles;  flabby, flatulent men use Viagra to attain erections to mount younger, trophy wives;  and we clamor for stem cells to renew our aging, gradually failing organs.

Today, clean water is the new oil and we position our portfolios accordingly.

But I rest assured in the knowledge that our enemies, whom we exploit and kill by proxy, with indiscrimination are far younger, stronger, harder and more radicalized than we.  That one day these noble savages will drive stakes through our coronary bypasses.  That this all-too-human sewer, this Baby Boom, where joy and love and hope are replaced by consumption will end.  Must end.