No matter what anyone thinks or anyone says -- STOCKS HAVE GOT TO COME DOWN FROM HERE. 

There is just no way to undermine the entire U.S. (world) banking/financial system for the next 1-3 years while the Bush/Greenspan legacy plays out and have it somehow NOT materially affect every company, every government and every single person on this planet.  P/E doesn't work when E <= 0 (division by zero) or when E can’t buy anything you really need (food, oil, open heart surgery, etc.).

Osama Bin Laden has proven to be the most brilliant strategist of the 21st century. 

Look at your paycheck

Look at your financial future

Look at the price of a barrel of oil. 

Look at the price of an ounce of gold

Pray you never get sick.

By any objective analysis, Bin Laden has played Bush, Congress, and every one of us for chumps... 

We might have won the Cold War (though today I look at the Russian economy and seriously wonder) but we damn sure LOST the war on terror!