Nation of the Living Dead

How old?  How fat?  And how stupid would America have to be to vote for George Bush three times?  How, after forty years of trickle-down, Milt Friedman economics, Bill and Hillary included, have effectively driven the majority of Americans into working poverty and debt verging on bankruptcy?!

Today, most good paying jobs are gone.  Our natural resources are burned up.  And the future is bleak.

But according to national polls, there are still some wanting more...  More stupidity masquerading as religion.  More living paycheck to paycheck.  More Wal Mart and McJobs.  More exploitation through Free TradeMore poverty.  More debt.  More inflation.  More Iraq.  More oil.  More larger, powerful, Soylent Green corporations.  More racism.  More Chinese made American flags and lapel pins.  More yellow ribbons.  And more soldiers' graveyards holding America's dead future...

Well I'll tell you this right now.  If we manage to do it again, I honestly don't know what to do.  But somehow I intend to find a way out of the poverty trap that America has become under Republicans and status quo, Republican Lite Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, I put every liquid cent I have into running up prices for dollar denominated assets, buying oil, fertilizer and grain futures in my crusade to convince the idiots that wrecked this country for everyone without a trust fund -- by voting against their families and for rich, Ivy League, whites that reward them with pink slips -- that it's finally time for real change! 

Bitter?!  I channel bitterness from worlds beyond.  I drink from ice-cold and fast running streams of bitterness.  I gestate in the womb of bitterness.  A world absent human and humane dissent is as hopeless as soldiers marching over the cliff we call Iraq and as heart rending as a polar bear's inevitable extinction in world without ice.