America, when will you embrace your rightful destiny?

When will you accept that the same advertising coercing your subconscious to buy overpriced annuities, sweatshop shoes and half-pound hamburgers has in turn rendered melting icecaps, starvation and drowning equally palatable.

Coal is clean!  Haven’t you heard?  Crude Oil, it’s not just for breakfast anymore!   So dust off the convertible and fill up the tank – it’s 1959 – for as long as you want it be.

When oil sheiks and Wall Street parasites need your consumption so badly, America, how can you possibly refuse?  After sixty years of uninterrupted self indulgence, surely you see that you are too old, too vain, too fat and too stupid to heal the planet – now?!   Instead, do what you do best and light the sky on fire in your lifetime.

America, Jesus is calling!  But first – Armageddon!  Just like the Bible (and Sarah Palin) promises…